Jamaican Teen Teacher Part 2 | 14 Yr Old Turns Bar into Classroom | TVJ News - June 21 2021 1

Jamaican Teen Teacher Part 2 | 14 Yr Old Turns Bar into Classroom | TVJ News – June 21 2021


Do you remember the 14 year old from St. Ann who offers classes in an old wooden bar to students without access to online learning in his community? Well, this evening we have an update as to how things have improved.

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  1. I am proud of this young man,finding something positive to do my hats go off to him.Bless him Lord..

  2. Tears of happy emotional joy. Bless and cover him lord. As he shares his knowledge, may others grasp from him and motivate others too.

  3. His classroom looks professional with charts and other displays.His penmanship is great n organization on whiteboard.

    1. Awesome young man u are excellent well poise and intelligent real teacher from birth one love

  4. This is very heartwarming!! Let’s not ignore the fact that this is a 14 year old young man! Wow!

  5. I am so proud of this young man! I get tears of joy just listening to his zeal to help the nation’s children. God bless you darling.

  6. God’s richest blessings going out to this 14 year old boy. I wish u all the very best in your endeavors son

  7. This is such a beautiful story I hope all the best for him and his students. He will be a great teacher and principal some day. Jamaica we still have hope so mek we nuh give up

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