Jamaicans Opposed to Mandatory Covid Vaccine - Poll Results | TVJ News - Sept 16 2021 1

Jamaicans Opposed to Mandatory Covid Vaccine – Poll Results | TVJ News – Sept 16 2021


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  1. Revelation 13:16-17
    And he causes all both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or in their forehead that no man might buy or sell unless he have the mark, the name of the beast or the number of his name.

    1. @Rose Among Thorns
      Look, didn’t I already tell you that right hand is symbolic?
      It doesn’t have to be an actual hand.
      Also the Greek word means the entire right side….that includes hand, eyes ect.

      Ok since everything has to be literal.
      In the Garden in Genesis 3
      When God said Jesus would bruise the serpent’s head and the serpent would bruise Jesus’s heel….show me in the word where Satan literally bruised Jesus’s heel?
      Show me, since everything got to be literal.

    2. @Rose Among Thorns

      Look, honestly, I don’t know.

      I won’t be prideful and act like I do, because that’s dangerous. I’m still learning.

      But I stand firm that the V is the mark.

      Someone told me that there was an elderly man who needed to do a heart transplant and they wouldn’t operate on him because he refused the shot.
      A similar situation for another woman.

      Look around you. Why can’t we go back to normal unless we take this thing?

      Did our know that Jën Psakï with her own mouth said “we have to protect the *marked* from the unväcçinatëd”?
      Marked? She was talking about the innoculated.

      Look up “Many Fish” channel on YT. And click the one with Bidën as the caption.
      It also reads something about ‘serpent deception with the swïne flu’

  2. Big nose bwoy deh fi go weh ppl mandatory is coming is this how ual want to live our ancestors fight for freedom now we back in slavery

    1. Exactly so my family.

      They always say “Oh, we won’t do this at this time”

      Then people breathe a sigh of relief and go back to sleep
      And then one night you’ll suddenly here on the news
      ” This and so on is now the law”

      They did it with masks…..

  3. God a watch uno
    That’s all me can say
    Mandatory uno try no worry with that
    We should have our rights to what we want

  4. People is either we do or die. But I’m not taking it,if I die I die, if I perish I perish, for my lord sake,( someone say amen)

  5. If them can’t give me 5million fi take that them lucky me nah wake up tomorrow n broke n stess out same way kmft

  6. Jeremiah 16 verse 4 people will die from of deadly diseases they will not be able to mourn their dead they will not be able to bury their dead….. in Bible… all those who don’t believe in the second coming of Christ must believe it now.

  7. We have rights,the government or anyone cannot decide for us what to put in our bodies,you have spiritual people,holy ghost people and trust me we know how to pray.

    1. @Crisan Darby lol there’s nothing wrong with asking questions, you peoples is so brainwashed it’s not funny, I’m not fighting against any god I’m just speaking the truth , the bible isn’t a history book it’s just a plagiarized version of Egyptian mythology and it was used to enslaved our ancestors and that’s a fact , every historian and real biblical scholars will tell you most the stories of the bible was a result of typology! Peoples who’s less educated will believe that a 600 year old man and his two 100 year old son build a boat that housed 2 of every animal on the planet for almost a year you’ve got to be really stupid for someone to tell you a story like that and you believe them and to let you know that story was plagiarized from a man called Gilgamesh! Can you tell me what dynasty did Moses come from? Or can you show me a burial ground for 1 person in the bible? There’s a 1 million dollar reward for anyone who can provide evidence that Jesus actually existed and to date nobody has collected that money yet!

    2. @Paula Williams that’s why I’m a agnostic I can’t prove and I can’t disprove, but I’m not going to take the words of a bunch of kidnapper and rapist as the truth, when I see the evidence then I will believe

  8. As well they should be – and so should this news station.
    You are here to question the government and bring the facts to the table.

  9. True talk says what or these vaccines for because it doesn’t stop you from catch in corona virus so what is it really for I would like to new that

    1. ok its for conducting business in the future. example, the bank, night clubs, supermarkets etc . hope dat explains it

  10. Cuz u all don’t have them make there own decision y’all r forcing us. We knows our bodies. If person have a strong immune System they should think before putting things in our bodies. Let us make our decision.

  11. If they should ever make it mandatory they must also make it mandatory for the government to be responsible for the person and all their dependents should they be rendered unable to work or if they should die from the vaccine

  12. Where were these poll results taken , was it given to a wide population of Jamaica ( all parish) if not then these values aren’t accurate… what was the sample size etc …as I just seeing this data I haven’t seen a questionnaire or nothing no google forms

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