Jamaicans Reacting to Flour Price Increase | TVJ Business Day – May 10 2021

Jamaicans Reacting to Flour Price Increase | TVJ Business Day - May 10 2021 1


  1. Me really want to know how stupid can some of the these ppl be how long now jamaica should be growing wheat produce there own rice and flour have lands going to waste importing thing that can be grow locally if you grow ur own then you can price it where it’s not so expensive

  2. Talk about past down price but nah push the people them pay👎👎👎👎
    Almost everything price increase last week, chicken 🐓, gas, oil 🛢 plus more.. Do unuh maths right

  3. Not surprise,with all that is going on globally… Jamaican we need to farm,those people that have land don’t let it stay there growing wild bushes,start planting some crops because we haven’t seen anything yet.Use up your back yard,start to research various way of planting food…

  4. Mek Andrew holiness goweh him fail the people of Jamaica they were depending on him to thy and get things right and he push poor people under the bus. I want you to remember this he his going to go down just like Eddie old wicked

  5. Weh Andrew affi do wid flour and rice price?? The people who own flour companies a wicked! Andrew need to approach these companies and offer tax breaks to keep food security until things appear to start being normal

    1. Wish is was that simple. It’s the same over here in Toronto with the fuel prices. We are also bracing for price increases with food items and, wheat is grown here in Canada. Now, tax reduction? Well, let’s just say when you drive, watch you speed.

  6. “Not even likkle flour, a crucial it crucial! To mix likkle dumplin’, a crucial it crucial!” – Bunny Wailer

    1. Not everyone has a job . There are more unemployed in Jamaica than salt grain.🤣🤣🤣💯💯

  7. There are alternatives farming. Plant fruits trees ,and vines. I don’t live there permanently , but visit periodically, and plants avocado, chocho pumpkins ,banana, and I have fruits in abundance . Let’s try to be selfsuffient, do not rely so heavily on the things we don’t, or can’t produce.

    1. We’ve been there before. Back in the seventies we haven’t had flour for months but, we stepped up with farming and, were still able to feed ourselves.

  8. Everything weh flour make d price a go up to. Bread, bun crackers etc memba me tell unno.

  9. Man go farm some land and stop talking about flour price.
    I don’t even eat dumpling anymore..
    All there people want is there imported food that not even healthy..

  10. So true yes real talk yes prime minister listen to this report right now the people need yu now more than ever yes please

  11. Is not today or yesterday flour price a RAISE. From I was a child. Every thing raise during the PANDEMIC in AMERICA and no one bawl, cause who you going to cry to?if you can’t buy two pounds, just buy one and make the dumplings smaller, uno cry too much. Things no bad with nuff that much. Learn to satisfy, it’s the end of time. Walk good me people, blessings 😂😂🙏

  12. Smh what is going on .in this covid I think them want people fi go thief .government need to do better them only care about them self and not poor people .kmt that is why I don’t believe in voting cause after election them fi get who put them in position .god is coming soon to feed his people .the worst thing some people don’t even have a job.I know people is going to say what the government have to do with it but he is the head .

  13. Everything increased during the pandemic worldwide not only JA…but it hard if some in JA can’t afford it

  14. Food jus keep going up plus no work n who working no increase I can tell this government them DNT start deal with crime yet God help us

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