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  1. I happened to be in the uk in 2003 when the Tony Blair government imposed visa restriction on jamaican pastport holder. The following year Romania and bulgaria got qualified with EU status and stated teavelling to the UK. They managed to eased the shortage of some low skill jobs as Jamaicans usually do. At the time the UK was on the move to build an EU state so Jamaicas involvment wud certainly not needed. This invitation to three countries with free visa access as a result of the 2017 referendum where the British people voted to discontineued as EU member. Just a few weeks ago former priminister Liz Turner said new measures will introduced to make it easier for people to migrate to the UK.

  2. @prince Indeed! the changes were made in 2003. Quite frankly, I am embarrassed that a former ambassador does not know that pertinent information.I have lived in the UK from 2000 and there were several unnecessary drug related killings that were happening in the UK on a daily basis. unscrupulous individuals had murdered two young women in Birmingham which they blamed on Jamaicans (yardies) within 2/3 weeks after the murders the UK HS changed the law to Jamaican nationals acquiring a visa to visit the UK. This has been a requirement for nearly 20 years. What have the Ambassadors done to change this?

    1. You are correct because in 2003, just two weeks before I apply they bring in the rules that jamaicans will need a visa to travel to the UK. I can’t forget that

    2. It was 2003 but I guess she either forgot or deliberately saying so as it would be the other side in power 1980 .But I remember went to England 2000 and was to go back to visit my who was very ill and I had was to get a visa to go back. No Neville it’s not in the 90 it’s after that sir

  3. Does this woman even know what Jamaican immigrants go through in the UK to acquire a right to remain or citizenship. I have known of several instances whereby the UK HS/HO have deported a lot of individuals- removing parents from families(children), legally married couples separated etc Negotiate with the UK – this has been happening for over 20 years. She has no clue! Check the stats they targeted Jamaicans over a period of time & deported individuals without considering their rights. Same applies to how they treated windrush immigrants

    1. Jamaicans are economic migrants , the worse association in many developed countries. They will choose to overstay their visas and hide from paperwork in order to remain in the UK , after breaking that law the British don’t have to consider human rights . Its hard to migrate back and forth countries cause you’ll never know if that employer would pay to bring you back or they’re gonna hire a new immigrant.

    2. She was the Jamaican High Commission in the UK so yes she do know.Her department were responsible for issuing travel documents in order for the Home Office to deport a lot of people back to Jamaica.

  4. I’m a Jamaican born with British citizenship and it is very sad to see that Jamaica is the only country that needs a visa on that list … It’s like a message is being sent.
    There has to be many contributing factors to such decision but it is for the Jamaican government to get to the bottom of why Jamaica is the only country being singled out???… What is Baroness Scotlan in the Jamaica High Commission in London and Kamina Jonson-Smith minister of foreign affairs in Jamaica … what are they both actually doing????… NOTHING AND IT IS EVIDENT.
    Many Jamaicans come here and work very hard to make things better for themself and their family back home in Jamaica .. BUT…then there are the ones with the LAZY QUICK MONEY MINDSET … WHO COME HERE AND GO STRAIGHT INTO HUSTLING AND I FEEL THAT IS ONE OF THE BIG CONTRIBUTING FACTOR AS TO WHY JAMAICA IS BEING SINGLED OUT… bcoz many associate hustling with Jamaican men .. the ole idlers them in the streets.
    Many men from other Caribbean countries stay in their homes when they are off work but not those Jamaican street men .. they like to hang out in bundles at barbershop or food shop especially when the sun is out while making pure bag of noise in the ppl them country .. and a call to every woman that they see…. IT IS THE BEHAVIOUR OF A FEW CARELESS UNRULY PEOPLE THAT IS CAUSING THE MAJORITY TO BE PENALISED.

    1. @bca Smith really? I thought enslaved people on the island fought for their freedom. Pressure was also on Britain from the likes of William Wilberforce who is an abolitionist , he pittioned British Parliament to end the transatlantic slave trade. Please also remember that these slave owners got compensation. NOW IS OUR TIME compensation from these people.

  5. Imagine what a regular citizen have to go through .. thank God you had the head foreign affairs in your contacts

  6. And yet we hold on to being a part of the monarchy? The level of disrespect continues to happen and we take it like good boasy enslaved people.

    1. Has nothing to do with disrespect.Too many Jamaicans got into trouble with the UK law and the UK government rightly imposed restrictions on who could come.

    2. @marmackk So you don’t think other country people don’t get in trouble with their UK visa stay? Let’s not be naive.

    3. @Nunya666Harmonee Jamaicans just stands out with anything or with everything we do and I guess that’s our flaw with our blessings

    1. You can’t put everybody in the same pot. My fam never did nothing wrong so they need to stop with their nonsense.

  7. When the band was imposed, the leader of foreign affairs at the time and present; was and is suppose to negotiate with the UK to lift the band. That is the problem. Most politicians aren’t and weren’t doing their jobs. Other countries got their names off the list, so should we.

    1. The problem was too out of control. No politician could not stop the ban. I worked for a European company and had to do a lot of traveling back and forth , to the UK. Our fellow Jamaicans behavior was disgusting in the UK and those coming from Jamaica into the Uk . Obviously they could not get into the US so they see this as another route. Every person and their grandmother was smuggling. I was just so a shame to be Jamaican . Their behavior is Similar to the gang wars going on nowadays in Jamaica.

  8. Yes and that is laughable. Jamaica is the only country that needs a visa to enter UK. Yet every day we are still sucking up to them.

  9. The visa requirements was made effective in 2003. My son was only 8months when the announcement was made.

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  11. I thought Jamaica wanted out from under the king and queen and wanted its own independence so what exactly is the problem?

  12. If you are lucky enough to have a Jamaican and UK passport, you don’t need a UK visa. It would make life so much more convenient if I could just use my Jamaican passport both ways. What’s the point in filling out a 30 page visa document if you have a UK passport? I leave Jamaica using my UK passport and return using my Jamaican passport, remembering to register 24 hours before the online C5 customs and immigration document with the Jamaican Passport number.

  13. Not needing a VISA (for a long period, not forever) is undoubtedly one of the ways in way the UK can pay repatriation to Jamaica for what was stolen from us.

  14. Jamaicans needing a visa to enter the UK had nothing to do with Jamaicans overstaying in the country. This happened sometime during the 90s and Jamaica was one of a number of black commonwealth member countries that was included in this visa requirement for entry. Britain realised they could get cheaper labour force from European country-state being a member of the European Union. They had always turned a blind eye to people overstaying in the country because it was a good source of cheap labour but with the influx of people from Romania, Poland….Portugal… poor white countries that were doing these same cheap labour jobs like the blacks from Africa and the Caribbean they decided to ristrict the peoples coming from those countries. When they realise the cost of these white Europeans coming and getting benefits like free housing, medical and all the social benefits that were available they decide it was not worth it so they opted to exit or better known as brexit the EU. SO…now they are giving visa-free status to some of these countries to return to Britain but Jamaicans gi to much dam trouble soh dem noh want dem back in ya.

  15. Please don’t blame England for this. I remember when Jamaicans could travel to England without a visa. You know what? Blame the Jamaicans for this predicament. These drug mules who used to travel with drugs in their bodies,and showing no respect for law and order are to be blamed . PERIOD, Full Stop.

  16. From 2003 Jamaicans and Guyanese were required to get a visa in order to gain entry into the UK.
    The UK government said the main reason were too many drugs were being trafficked in to the country which created havoc . Guyanese no longer need a visa to gain entry as of November. Guyana has oil now, so the UK is looking to benefit.

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