Jamaicans to be Deported from UK - November 30 2020 1

Jamaicans to be Deported from UK – November 30 2020


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  1. good morning to u in jamaica why the primeminister of jamaica receiving déportées from uk many of them know nothing about jamaica if they commit a crime its not in jamaica its in uk keep them there have u seen where us try to deport guyanese and they did not received them they told us turn ur plain around and bring them back to the us good business

    1. Guyana is not under the Sovereignty of the QUEEN anymore. Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago are totally a REPUBLIC Nation. Their heads of STATE are President, seconded by a PM. Just like Israel and some other countries. They have TIES through the commonwealth of nations. But their countries are strickly run by them and them only. Jamaica is still GOVERNED by England. We are independently supervised by our own people but the GOVERNOR GENERAL is our overseer of our supervisors the PM ect, for the QUEEN of ENGLAND.

    2. @CRC_G-Park it isnt the Queen of England my dear fellow, it is Her Majesty the Queen of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

  2. if Caribbean people doing all of these things what you people say we are doing we get the teach meant from British people straight from England.

  3. Boris Johnson is effectively trying to purge Britain of it’s citizenry of Caribbean descent by whatever means is available to him.

  4. Jesus is supreme Jesus has the power to grant eternal life. Hallelujah to Christ Jesus Trinity : God (Yahweh) + His Word (Jesus) + His Spirit…. be bless..

  5. So if them send them to prison fi life they still goin to separate fr them fam. People must start think very hard and don’t put themselves in on wanted trouble

  6. The country these people are deporting from their are thousands of Jamaican living there without fear and travel back and forth to Jamaica as they choose. When you go to foriegn countries get yourself straight and follow the law and you don’t have to worry about deportation.

  7. Learn to dance a yard before you go abroad attending big leagues dances, and you will not dance your way out of the country citizenship. For where there is value for dollars it’s a much better place than where it’s not, so why not wise up and stop play a fool of yourselves.

  8. That why me going to buy a piece of land back home in Jamaica because although I get My citizenship and British passport anyting can happen any game can play !! So a that me day pon … u got to have a plan b just in case plan a fail ….. anting ting can happen … in life

  9. The Windrush Fiasco was an experiment gone wrong, and it was a good example of taking people from their natural environment and plonking them in an alien one. It is sink or swim, and the sinkers, being desperate, took to the bad life. However, Jamaica is a beautiful Island, the girls are lovely, the weather is good, and there are plenty of rich old women on the beach. There are also plenty of the Windrush who are excellent people, and have greatly improved the way we live in the UK, so let us praise those of them who have made good, and wish the others, (however many children they may have), all the best. Bon Voyage…..

  10. If they plan to send the Windrush generation to Jamaica…at least set them up so they come back n be able to stand on their two feet..If the Windrush generation wants to come to Jamaica, we welcome them.

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