Jamaicans to Brace for Pork Price Increase | TVJ News - May 20 2021 1

Jamaicans to Brace for Pork Price Increase | TVJ News – May 20 2021


Jamaicans are being warned to brace for more price increases this time in the price of pork and pork related products. The Ministry of Agriculture says the increase should be between 13 and 20 percent however earlier today the Jamaica Pig Farmers Association indicated that the prices could climb by as much as 80 percent.

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  1. First flour products now everything that contains pork, hmm it is so sad though; everything else raising but minimum wage remains the same. Mr Prime minister will minimum wage get a raise as well? Or everything else going to raise until the little earnings that people making will continue to go back in bills and struggle to buy food

  2. Yes it hard on woman but a the feed a raise and the profit for farmer is decreasing .talk to the feed producers.the rich Richer and the poor poorer

  3. BenJohnson days are here. Unemployment is increasing, many people have not worked since covid pandemic. There are many of the working poor people over the years, who have been made redundant and those jobs have not been replaced. The majority of people are unemployed.
    Rising prices in food is going to put extended pressure on the poor. This will lead to discontentment amongst the poor.

  4. I don’t need to eat that meat…kmt…what a strategy, raise food leave out the salary…

  5. Cant unu see the government do not look out for the poor…..gas up …food up….everything up except minimum wage, taxi n bus fares…..most working jamaicans surviving off taxi ot gud to feed their families, jugglers too,,…all under bandage….poor ppl a suffer round here…jah jah

  6. No, you do not appreciate that people do not work, use a different verb that is more relevant to the situation.

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