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  1. This lady just hear 5 people saying they just it pon news only. And still saying the public is not shut out.

  2. Really back way Dionne…the people of Jamaica needs to be fully involved with every generation….

  3. Dem nah chat to mi either Dionne. I don’t want them to put in things that I never asked for or that I don’t know about from the jump. Don’t ask me to vote on things that you decided to put in or change.🔥

    1. @Bev Smith Good question. Why are we including foreigners, especially those with certain views that the majority of the Jamaican population considers to be an abomination?🔥

    1. Marlene malahoo forte as continue to be a disappointment in so many ways on so many issues,it’s a shame.

  4. More people involvement does not equate to a better outcome. It’s likely to end up with confusion and delays. I doubt if most of the public has a clue about the intricacies.
    Let the committee recommend and then the public can make a choice.

    1. More confusion than what’s going on now. Plus Malahoo-Foot should be in jail for what she and her sister doing to their father in-law. Hope she carry back the clock she took out of his house.

    1. The people are not really interested in this charade/farce/facade
      The people are interested in:
      Roads, Crime/Murder/ Lawlessness, Employment, Cost of Living, Health care, Water, Cost of Electricity, Education, Corruption, Injustice etc

  5. Let’s hope that the process doesn’t take forever. We do not want people to start losing interest. It is too important a matter

  6. Good evening Ms. Jackson Miller and guests.
    1. Could members of the constitutional committee provide a listing of all that needs to be amended in the constitution and why they are important.?
    2. Do the people have any say in who sits on the constitutional committee?
    3. Is there any ordinary working class individual on the committee?
    Is there any religious leader on the committee?
    Why this important move for the country seems to be so exclusive and top heavy and transparency seems somewhat difficult on their part?

  7. Here boss sell we out all the time we the Jamaica people want justice jlpgovemmemt always sell out on rob on bad mind Jamaica people

  8. Importantly, who stand to benefit the most from Jamaica moving away from the British monarchy? Is it the common man or how will the people of Jamaica benefit or its only these politicians?

    Has any country who have move away from the monarch controls done better than lets say Cayman and others who are under the control of the British monarch?

    Is there more evidence that if we went u derbthe control of the monarch that Jamiaca would have done better?

    The politicians have had most control and look what they have done, why sensible people think this will any way shape or form benefit the ordinary people?

    My question is who they did ask or done the poll on to get those numbers, cause many Jamaicans ordinary dont care about any changing from the British monarch when they realize we have no benefits but what they care about is:

    how will they survive the cost of living, crime, disorder in society, corruption on everyside, fear/stress of going home or how one will survive going home to their communities.

    Will there be a law that if a government gets less than 50% of the votes winning an election, it should be considered null and void cause the majority doesn’t have confidence/approve of them and the country should be run by a pilot government until…

    Politicians have had the people trust greater than how even God is trusted by people, some refuse to believe God but trust the politicians and will make any sacrifice for them but no sacrifice of getting people to vote for Jesus as their Lord and savior, these so called pastors who run behind the politicians are no different from them and is condoning slackness in the name of being respectors of jacket and tie government sinners..may God have mercy John 14:21.

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