Jamaica's Corruption Rate Consistent 1

Jamaica’s Corruption Rate Consistent


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  1. Bwoy these agencies not doing any work all of you all friends that’s why none of these politicians getting charged for corruption,,prosecutor commissioner an judge appointed by them politicians friends, we need a new constitution that people them can vote for those positions

    1. No country cannot exist without corruption. Politicians do want to make changes but they also have to look out for their cronies. If their cronies aren’t happy with their ideas then they will allow someone else to usurp them and take control.

    2. @manovrsb what kind of corruption maybe give them contract not taking all the taxpayers money

    3. @Man of Culture Allanzo I disagree , I think Jamaica’s level of corruption is on par with the US and Canada. The difference we don’t get to see massive riots that would shut down cities on the island.

  2. What do you say Jamaican is not corrupt when you even see politician and Camera beating his woman and not even getting locked up. Oh is only with women it do

  3. 101 jamaica is no different From any other country r state… you lucky jamaica was not place 188.. at the end… give that there is no country going run without corruption . It in the church , in the work place, in the government , and in the parliament and tje House of all country , and state..

  4. Back to constitutional reforms or changes, one man have too much power and influence and that person is the PM who get to pick ,name and confirm everyone, when either party is in opposition they will tell you that we need constitutional reform or Changes, but when in government it’s not needed anymore because they now have power, both political parties are about trickery and deception.

  5. Mr monroe wasting taxpayer money paying y’all corruption continues an only mr Ruel Ried facing the court

  6. Under the J. l. P corruption will never stop. The head of the stream is corrupt and so it goes down the line.

    1. I know right .! The other party has nothing to do with corruption.? I hate it when you young people try to comment on things you aren’t experienced with.!

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