Jamaica’s Covid Fatalities at Record High | TVJ News – Sept 2 2021

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    1. @Azen Over but the system responsible fi yuh when you sick an a ga the hospital. If you catch covid stay home den since a your body and choice, not taking a bed from who truly needs it will be your choice too. People nuh understand seh this serious fi true and puss n dog don’t have the same luck. Some wi dead from this while some wi beat it. Get the vaccine an protect yourselves and the family.

    2. @Melody Harris try on know this’ your immune system will NEVER be the same again …so when these DEVILS 😈 engineer their next VIRUS …you will be always taking their vaccines…these people whose running the world 🌎 is super EVIL 😈 you have to make conscious decisions…are you’ll will get trick..

    3. @reel gena real yute I’ll take my chances. Mi haffi work, have two kids and have an elderly in the house as well so I protect myself to make sure I protect them. If I catch it hopefully I have some protection so I don’t end up in hospital in vent or needing oxygen. I don’t know what the evil plan is fi wi like you touch on but I have to give myself a chance to withstand it if mi catch it.

    1. They have gotten the deaths up !!! from turning off the oxygen, now telling lies about the deaths caused by covid !!

  1. People whether you take the vaccine or not…you need to have a plan of how you to keep your immunity up, and if you get it how you going to treat with it.

  2. 18 months of Covid-19 and Jamaica and the whole world no dead yet? We need other health related issues data to compare with Covid-19 data. We need vaccine related issues also.

    1. They should do a report on the people who has died !!!When them turn off the oxygen during the nights at some public health hospitals !!!

  3. Always remember keep silent and process🙏 the truth is in your DNA 🙌 all 7 chakra must be 1 🙏 let the universe lead ☀️

  4. Well they approved dream weekend and all these things so what unnu expect!!! They wanted all this to happen. Just believe and don’t be blind to all this!

    1. @Mathew Owens Be like the man of God name his name was Job !!! The lord will see you through, is not little temptation Job faced but the bible said that he kept the faith !!

    1. I agree with but even the herd in the field. Were created by god for our health and mediation. But mankind choose pill and vaccine because of money.

  5. How to lie with statistics is a god book to read, bill gates approves it…. Operation mockingbird 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

    1. What the f..k you talking about you see something on Facebook and believe just like that a so yu easy to believe everything. Go to the morgue and check for yourself and don’t let nobody trick you.

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