Jamaica's Economy Estimated to have Grown 12.9% | TVJ News - August 26 2021 1

Jamaica’s Economy Estimated to have Grown 12.9% | TVJ News – August 26 2021


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  1. Superficial growth based on a sharp decline of the country’s GDP of the previous year, in other words, the base year i.e. the previous year was very low due to the inactivity in the economy caused by the pandemic I am sure if our economist used the average annual GDP of the country for last five years and compared it to today’s GDP the true result is a negative growth.

    1. @CXC Math Classes Indeed, because this fictitious growth is likened to an individual who has $100,000 in his bank account before the pandemic in 2019 and because of the locked down in 2020 he had to withdraw all his funds to survive, so his bank balance at 2020 is $0. Things now open up so he is now employed and as at now his bank balance is $12, so his account has grown by 12% compared with $0 in 2020. I must agree with you, these guys believe that we are all a bunch of fools.

    2. @CXC Math Classes correction to my previous comment. That person previously mentioned had $100 left in bank account as at 2020 and as at 2021 his bank account is $112 which represents a growth of 12%. The question is when will Jamaica’s total GDP per annum achieved the level of the pre pandemic ?

  2. The economy grown for who? The government and the rich? Poor people is not seeing that growth, they only get poorer and poorer.

  3. How? You guys think we are stupid? lmao Stock prices and business sales have been down for months and The economy grew? You guys think we are blind?

  4. Economy grew lie lie lie jamaica government keep lieing need to stop no work how can economy grow lockdown foolishness just straight lie

  5. lol reminds me of George Orwell 1984. the Ministry of Plenty reduced the ration the day before and increased it the day after…. and the masses went wild…

  6. Ha ha ! If you increase the money supply by borrowing money to spend in the economy ok. How much is the purchasing power of the same economy.

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