Jamaica’s Finance Minister – Dr Nigel Clarke | TVJ All Angles Interview – Mar 9 2022

Jamaica's Finance Minister - Dr Nigel Clarke | TVJ All Angles Interview - Mar 9 2022 1


  1. when will i get the care workers grant money a from January 19 i sign up alnow i dont reach it , its say ongoing

  2. Mr. Nigel Clarke makes some sound economic policy arguments based on the evidence of his ministry judgements and performance that I agree with here. Well done sir.

  3. Articulate,measured,intelligent,down to earth and brilliant are all words to describe Minister Clarke! Jamaica is truly fortunate to have his service at this particular time. Continued growth and success Sir,we support your tremendous efforts of righting this ship called Jamaica. Your recent budget presentation was downright a stroke of genius and mesmerizing to say the least. It will be remembered years to come…

    1. I also believe that prices of goods and services are going to rise, due to the printing of new notes. Caused by inflation. Sigh. On the other hand, it may be a win-win situation.

  4. All that changes with the bank notes dosen’t make any sense, and knowing how worthless the Jamacian dollar is, it’s just a waste of money and time when more important issues needed immediate attention.!!!

    1. You people are so tribalistic. That’s all you gleaned from the interview? I am not surprised. People like you are uneducated so these types of discussions are above your intellectual level so you can only comment on insignificant trifles.

  5. Every country buys oil 3 months in advance so why are we seeing price hike now when it is the oil being used now was purchased months ago? Shouldn’t we be seeing the hike about May or June when that oil will be used?

  6. Jamaica need to increase the speed in building out its infrastructure, invest in light and heavy manufacturing and lower the import bill.

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