Jamaica’s Former JLP Minister Ruel Reid to Stand Trial – February 4 2021


    1. If Cruel Ried walks free, there is no justice in Jamaica, and Portia Simpson Miller must apologize to Jack Smith’s family for leading the charge that eventually send him to prison and made him the first and only politician to date, to achieve that feat of going to prison.

    2. @St. Alburn Munroe : you must say the only politician that YOU know of!! Obviously you didn’t know of JAG Smith!! Please correct your statement!!

    1. @math ucc we live in a country that we cant even enjoyed the things that was put on the face of this earth for us god not sleeping until we see tourist start coming to helshire then that’s the time they going to fix it with a extra fee that we cant afford.

  1. Citizens need to get back access to the Rio Nuevo Beach from the Museum Battle Site, private development have restricted the public from same.

  2. It seems like he was the only one who is in corruption in the government system their are others that they need to send to prison too.

  3. In the history of Jamaica dont matter what a politician does thay will not go to jail what says prison.its a shame.

  4. When the government gonna upgrade downtown market???? The way how the thing look I couldn’t buy fire from in side it

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