Jamaica's Gov. & Cops Question U.S. Lack of Trust 1

Jamaica’s Gov. & Cops Question U.S. Lack of Trust


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  1. I agree that Jamaica’s system overall is flawed flawed flawed BUT!! USA speaking about trust????? No sah….

    1. How about cancer, HIV just came around in the 1980s cancer has been around for centuries.
      No one knows if this vaccine is a permanent cure for COVID19, not enough information to determine that, so why are you calling this a cure.

  2. If the American said some Jamaican then do not want in their backyard I don’t see no argument why would you want to fight with a country if then do not want you in their own backyard I don’t get it

    1. Talk bout Jamaica is a sovereign and independent country, and we owe everybody and their mother, we have to be barrowing from Peter to pay Paul.
      Plus the two political parties hold the country at ransom, what kind of independence this is??

    2. Den dem come bout eat wat u grow an grow wat u eat(which is rite)yet dem dont no how to b independent r at least try to b with sum tingz

    3. @Essence Mill Jamaicans politicians has been saying this for years especially during the Michael Manley era, but these same politicians shop in the US, look how them panic when uncle Sam take away their Visas.

    4. Mr Bartlett dont get ur hopes up this winter a lot of tourists not travelling the covid and the criminals and murderers gangsters taking innocent lives Jamaica will suffer if these criminals aren’t dealt with mr chang and mr PM call a gun amnesty tell them to turn in all the guns and let the soldier’s and police do their job thousand and thousands of visitors want to come to Jamaica for a week or two for the winter but these criminals and murderers gangsters are killing innocent people clean it up we r watching from the north Europe Britain USA Canada Germany France we r all watching

  3. The USA should take away even all politicians and police officer visa because the system is so corrupted in every angle and corner..

  4. USA can’t even govern themselves. Their aim is to go around and break heart/moods. They have a plan, and it seems to be working worldwide. Step by step.

  5. Police boy a mek it look like a di youth bun dwn di house an car why him nuh seh a di ppl dem weh get vex cause di punk kill di man fi nothing because him chop a bucket wicked

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