Jamaica's Health Sector in Turmoil | TVJ News - August 25 2021 1

Jamaica’s Health Sector in Turmoil | TVJ News – August 25 2021

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  1. That was on your agenda and the leader of the country intent, so what’s the big issue now….. The people can now clearly see that you high coloured beasts doesn’t care about the poor, their real health and their well-being…. It’s just all about the heavy dollars going into your evil politician pockets not what coming from off the stone of your hearts

    1. U are so rite…Also people can’t complain ah dem vote dem in…knocking pot cover and all sorts of foolishness…and now everyone ah suffer except the affluent and the rich…wicked set man…

  2. The health sectlor has been in turmoil for years, politicians dont care becoz they can fly out to go get medical treatment overseas

  3. Nurses and doctors should be first priority given the a special hospital and room for them to recover and use the Ivermectin on them cause it’s proven just not approved by big pharma

  4. All dem business bout a vaccine a hope when the people dem ago give u all back what u put on the table unu can take it

  5. Nurses an doctors need to get raise a pay they are the ones who are doing the hardest work right now Mr pm an the minister of health need to spend sometimes in the hospital an see how hard the people work ,an ask them self if they could have done it ,smh me head uno need to do the right thing

  6. Workers in the health care system are overwhelmed. Sad to say, it’s a pity that the hospitals can’t turn away some of these patients, especially the ones who contracted the virus due to stupidity & negligence.
    I got the J&J in March & I’m looking forward to taking the booster in September.

  7. All of this is by design, if the people’s eyes are not open by now, more than likely they wont be opened.

  8. Listen up people, we all are feeling the pinch from these vipers it’s about time we come together and fight for our rights else we are (DONE)

  9. The minister looks very tired and stessed, but who would be under this load. Minister this stress is not good for health watch your immune system.

  10. All hospitals need attention
    1- Doctors
    2- nurses
    3- environmental services
    All those 3 positions are very important, tufton need to start talk true, don’t make wick Andrew lead you .

  11. Government seh dem nuh got money, what about offering nurses land, houses especially those who in the system for 5ys, then no tax every other month.

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