Jamaica's Lockdown Frustration | Mayor Bawls During Meeting | TVJ Midday News 1

Jamaica’s Lockdown Frustration | Mayor Bawls During Meeting | TVJ Midday News


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  1. All the focus of attention is on COVID? There are equally serious issues that are not being addressed. For example, crime. How sad!

    1. @NavieDaBoss there are other drugs that are safe with proven success in treating the covid virus. These drugs are very cheap but the vaccine is pushed because of money hungry big Pharma companies who wishes to make millions from the pandemic and they control the main stream media to control the people.

    2. @Yardman Vibes You sound insane. The aim of the world govts isn’t to treat it, it’s to get rid of it like what we did with polio and others. Here’s the problem with your line of reasoning, THERE IS ALWAYS MORE MONEY IN TREATMENT THAN CURE OR ELIMANTION. If “big pharma” wanted to make money they wouldn’t be creating vaccines… They would in fact only want to treat it. You are part of the problem, you don’t want it gone you straight up want it to stay and have it treated so big pharma can make money from it. At least learn how business works before you go around spouting conspiracies.

    3. @NavieDaBoss I just love how you refuted all these points ,I always say some of the biggest issues with Jamaicans in particular is their ignorance and thinking that the government’s strategy always links to keeping poor people poor.

    4. @don2hotmail I’m unvaccinated and not going near it. Government can talk until the kingdom comes, way too many persons are getting sick from injections getting new illnesses.

    5. @hamil73 Brenda I’ve done extensive research og the AstraZeneca and Pzifer and me nah tek either. Jut weekend two friends hospitalised both doubled vaccinated, a 35-year-old mother of 2 just passed away after being vaccinated and a poor baby born with the shakes ca dem force the mother to tek the vaccine. Good Luck.

  2. I don’t see the sense in lockdown for 3 days, people have Bill’s to pay, family to feed, with salary been cut because of these lockdown what are people to use feed n pay bills?

    1. Am not short sighted for sure because am seeing way beyond Jamaica and i know all of what Jamaica is experiencing alot more country are experiencing the same thing i can understand as jamaicans you are concern but this is a plandemic it was plan for whatever reason and the entire world is feeling it but you need to extend your sight and you will know much more

    2. Ja has about 6% of the population vaccinated. Lest contact will mean less exposure. Jamaica needs about 6 million doses. Biden should send the doses. US is quick to deport those who have lived here for years and who often return as criminals.

  3. When the country open for the few days, then reopens the large crowd gathered in business places that is more bad than good.

  4. I had an issue that need medical attention last Sunday. No sure if it was an emergency per say but each day it got worst. I had to endure it until Wednesday before seeing a doctor. I don’t want to go to no hospital cause ppl are catching covid there. The hospitals look like hell. After being lockdown for 3 days and then work for another 2 and half days I can’t get much done. Also banks and insurance companies taking longer times to address our issues and its the lockdown causing that. Tired of lockdown now

    1. @Dregio Ramos I strongly suggest the government stop adding others deaths to the Covid list.Don’t you notice the death rate has been going up since the vaccination start?

    2. @Dregio Ramos agree …. everyone critising and none can make a sensible suggestion. Government has to think on what is happening at hospital too

  5. Perhaps the government will rethink the measures now that large enterprises are feeling it. The poor cries but the measures were ignored but now rich people are crying I believe the government will definitely make some adjustments

    1. They did so before and you all blame the PM for the spike instead of the indiscipline ppl in this country. Those powerful interest should shut their mouth they are making millions and not contributing to the development of the country. Shame on them

    2. @Damario Wilson but y is not the pm fault when people are coming and n the country I must be cub up like chicken but people can come in my coins and enjoy it people who have to deal with them bring it home to them family and then the families go out and mix with the wider public so question who is spreading it

  6. So much misinformation,.. now they are saying it’s OK to Jab even if one has the virus my people please pray and trust God only he has the final say

    1. Can you really trust these people? They make me sick. They are like chickens without head. first they say don’t take vaccines if you had covid until after 3-4 months pass or if your feeling sick don’t take. Now she really come a tell you to because it won’t harm anyone. “I pray God will make thy tongue cleave to the roof of thy mouth, that thou shalt be dumb, and shalt not be to them a reprover: for they are a rebellious house.” YOU are set of ……

    2. That is to show you that the tech vacs are not for the corona.. Open your eyes it’s for another agenda. Are we that so foolish blind and stupid

  7. Yes they should rethink this is crazy ;Jamaican live day to day . More people are dying from gun shot than the Covid

  8. Before you know everyone is feeling the pinch. Lockdown start to hit the big man because of red destination from the Us, UK, and EU. Andrew is making Jamaica runaground.

  9. That’s why it’s good to plant a lil garden in the back or even in flowers pots pending where one is living on the island! Praying things improve shortly!

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