Jamaica's National Budget Debate 2021/2022 – Prime Minister - Andrew Holness 1

Jamaica’s National Budget Debate 2021/2022 – Prime Minister – Andrew Holness


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  1. You and your merry band are out of touch with the struggles of the ordinary man. I cant believe that power would have gotten to your head so quickly. When I see the smug look on your face when you make so utterances I know that you are just another politician here to pull the wool over the eyes of the people. I yearn for honest representation. Eloquence is all you possess. We need a complete leader. Platitudes are the only thing we get from this leader.

  2. Don’t worry about things being fair.. China is not playing fair with anyone, not even its own people.

  3. You should be ashamed to say you have been prime minister for 6 years. You are running jamaica into the ground. What about the murders. You are sleeplng with your door ooen only because you have police and soldiers protecting your home. What are you doing with the money you receive to build up jamaica. Where are the jobs for the youths. Where are the schools. The nurses. Look into yourself. Do better or resign. Shameful

    1. Yvonne Robinson really talk and plus wey him sell out the whole a them is know good him only care for him self.

  4. Prime Minister when we have such Community infighting you have to employ Mediation strategies- the police, and the army haven’t been trained for such social maim.

  5. What are u goin to do to help the poorer class of ppl. U only gave your ppl a little $10gs last yr an they dont get another red cent an u got. Millions of covid money to share with the resident an you teef it an share it up for you’re friends an fam

  6. Mr Prime Minister, Please DEMAND that the outright thief of the electric company and water company from the poor people must be STOPPED and excessive payments refunded. It is easy to track the over charges that were put on people’s accounts. Please. Some people had to use their food money to pay these excessive charges. . You should never allow such evil .

  7. more money goes into So called project managers hands, who keep using inferior materials to fix roads so there will always be road problems.

  8. I’m here wondering do he ever look in the mirror and question himself and ask what is he really doing.

  9. Mr priminister when all this is over we is woman in Jamaica they to be raise I am talking about the house hold helper please gave them a reasonably pay so they can support there family

  10. Good day my little brother Andrew how u doing king I see you scared of the needle like me yo I do scared more love king .do the Right thing for ur Jamaican families

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