Jamaica's National Trials | TVJ Sports Commentary - July 2 2021 1

Jamaica’s National Trials | TVJ Sports Commentary – July 2 2021

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  1. I agree to an extent. This one is a bit tricky. I think that an athlete should be given a chance to make the team IF and only IF they have the fastest Jamaican time of the year. Like Omar McLeod. And then, they will have to compete elsewhere after trials at a Diamond League or something to prove their fitness and ability to still be a medal contender.

    1. @Hesh So you think if bolt did slip in the blocks and didnt finish top 3, you wouldnt want him to go?

    2. @Tylaw2006 I remembered very well and the same happened with Shelly and Veronica back in 2008. Only that that time around, they allowed Shelly to run as VCB wasnt in the top 3 at that time. It’s a very dicey situation because even though you are the best, you can always have bad days. In the end you want to send your best to represent the country. What if Shelly had tripped and fell or pulled up and finished last? You think they should not give her a chance once she proves that she’s fit and still in form? In my opinion, you only should get special privilege if you are in the top three in the world before the trials.

    3. @FOOTBALL CRAZE when Bolt was Bolt, his training Partner was the 2nd best sprinter in the world.

  2. Glad he said this because Omar is still our best bet. But we will see. I hope the others prove me wrong.

  3. Omar can blame Merlene Ottey for this..she wore that rule out..and then even changed Countries when she couldn’t qualify anymore

  4. I find it rather ironic that he asked what if Shelly slipped, when in 2008 if many people had gotten their wishes to have Shelly relinquish her spot to Veronica Campbell, we probably wouldn’t be talking about Shelly in this manner.

    1. That’s not true. As we saw with him; Anything Can Happen! In hurdle nothing is guaranteed

  5. I agree the defending champion is an automatic qualification. The athlete needs to defend his championship.

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