Jamaica's Omar McLeod | TVJ Sports Commentary - July 15 2021 1

Jamaica’s Omar McLeod | TVJ Sports Commentary – July 15 2021


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  1. look at Omar, second fastest in the world but no chance to defend his title. he has the form, experience and medals. dem man dh wi fight to the line fi get gold.

    1. @orlando wolfe Best chance for a medal yes. Automatic medal no. Are we just going to dash weh the last two races??? Again best chance yes, automatic no.

  2. Agreed as long as they continue to show that fine form Omar Mc Leod deserves to defend his Olympic Title . Come on now Jamaica 🇯🇲 one bad race ? If it wasn’t TRIALS he would still be your best HURDLER .

  3. I don’t think so. It’s too long. When are they expected to show some form. How much races/events will JAA to be convinced and qualify them for an automatice spot. Because if they peak too soon then chances of them medalling become less.
    The trail should mimic Championship’s schedule so they that they can go through each round and have an idea of how ready they are.
    Adversities happen, it’s just to learn from same and move on. Omar was cramping *before* the race. Who knows if he would not be cramping at Olympic. I wanted him to defend his title but that’s will not happen.

  4. Look how much the USA 100m men’s trials have proved that, that’s not the right decision. Justin Gathlin ain’t going to defend his title and Alison Felix barely made it. He should first have to defend it here. “Dance a yaad before yuh dance abraad”. What should be done is it be has had good times all season consistently then if he doesn’t perform well at th trials only then would I consider him regardless. Not just on the basis of him winning four or in this case, five years ago.

    1. I am trying to understand you, can’t compare Jamaican with America that’s 300 million to 3 million that’s over ten times the amount of people , as what oral is suggesting with our limited amount of Olympic defending champions we should make it easier for them to defend their title, so if we put things now for the way forward no one will disgruntled esp if he or she in competitive form , can u imagine if bolt fell in any of those national trials ?

  5. I agree with you oral Tracy something like that Should been in place the Olympics was to be held in the2020 the JAAA give no consideration to locks down lack of competition and training they are acting like we are back to normal

  6. What worry me. Is that Omar came to the trails against these lock down and quarantine he did participated he should have been given a chance to defend is title

  7. Jamaica waited so long for that 110 hurdles to own there own i remembered Maurice wignal run his heart out and could not get on the podium. Omar came from nowhere and give us a gold

  8. Remember the controversy with Shelly in 2008????? All lot of people were saying that Veronica should run instead of Shelly. Sorry Omar….yuh gotta earn your spot bredren

  9. Agreed agreed great bringing it forward with tour platform since Omar already put it out there…..

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