Jamaica's Parliament Pass Sexual Harassment Bill | TVJ Midday News - July 14 2021 1

Jamaica’s Parliament Pass Sexual Harassment Bill | TVJ Midday News – July 14 2021

Calls this afternoon for employers in Jamaica, to be mandated to provide on the job sexual harassment training to their employees.

Introduction – 0:00
Debate Over Prosecutor's Right to Appeal – 3:33
Party Organizers Warned to Apply for Permits – 10:16
Flood Worry in Westmoreland – 15:12
New Management at Molynes United – 21:36

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  1. So disgusted with those politicians..why not make crime prevention a priority?? because it’s not affecting them ?

    1. Guess so. Recall the amount of police officers who flocked the streets taking those who violated the curfew order.

  2. Those are not Judges, they’re buy out and bias, they make no errors they know darn well what they doing and saying..

  3. so where is the 126m and the 100m that was given out from Covid start? I don’t see one person who says they get money from that..

  4. What about the crime and murder, murder is up by 100 percent, over 2000 people murder since the start of the year

  5. When the employee does it he or she will get fired when the bosses does the it employee gets fired ,, judges makes errors and send some to life ,, really

  6. Protect King’s too. A US Female Tourist was sexually harassing King’s like the Devil whaday telling the King him noh want to nyam pxxxy for a Green Card, damn feisty!
    Guns is a Big Issue, how are they getting on our Island or not showing concern
    Protect our Children!
    Some Cops and Politicans don’t follow rules and regulations? Chuh!

  7. None of these politicians cares about Jamaica. They just going through the motion. Not one bill was passed for the people and their problems.

  8. Show us the evidence Mr. McKenzie all you have to do is show the nation what was paid over to the municipal. But what I realize is that everything is a secret once it comes to tax payers money. This is what the media should ask to be publish do more investigation with your journalism instead of just reading the news.

  9. Tvj tell andrew to follow Daniel Suidani – Solomon Island. Horray for Solomon Island. What the hell is going in Jamaica Island

  10. Need to go pass a law that send a politician to prison for not doing theirs jobs damn poppy show unu nothing unu don’t have to do up a parliament

  11. We need a leader that can control the price increce,ican understand that the little that the poorman has shall be taken away,this very country is.going down the drain.1patty is for 220 dollors,1 cornbeef is for 500,1pepsi 150 and we dont have no one to talk for us.mr.holliness wat r u doing

  12. Well the sexual-harassment act is not a bad thing but why wait for America to implement these things and we need to hold more politicians accountable for there actions.

  13. What i want to asked these jamaican people in “high” places, uno never know that covid19 no over yet…. uno just cannot manage the country

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