Jamaica's Parliament | Sitting of the House of Representatives 1

Jamaica’s Parliament | Sitting of the House of Representatives


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  1. Why someone dont tell andrew to round up all the vaccine and jab is self country on lockdown but cases arising ???dumb andrew build new hospitals

    1. Hi guys.. because it’s only 7% of the entire population in Jamaica who has been vaccinated thus far. This 7% must be improved to a 50-70% inorder for the spike in increase of infected people to start lowering drastically. Guys.. numbers and statistics are facts. More people must be vaccinated because those who aren’t will always be the one’s exposing others including people who are vaccinated and the cycle continues while no one wanting to take or place the blame where it belongs.

  2. Anju! U r so lie and wicked. U can’t even explain yourself. I don’t know what u a go tell the creater u and your cronies. When u have chicken u can’t treat people bad it will b on your children!!!

  3. Am sorry to see my Jamaica People in such distress I hope things will get better it’s trouble ing ever we’re god is in control

  4. Why this PM don’t realize that people are getting smarter…. where are you going with graft diagram…lol the brain wash now….

  5. If you can’t find the resources to run the Country. Ask for help from other countries that can help and willing to help the Jamaican people.

  6. It’s very disappointing heart breaking watching Andrew he doesn’t care at all about his own people … Am seeing so much people suffering under this government my family is suffering, other people is suffering no food, to much killings etr everything going up and the pay isn’t, why Andrew !! Stop following mr gates and the chinese have a back bone !!!! do the right thing for your people it don’t take much from u at all find back in your conscious at least set up food banks. Get of your high horse ,!!! Mr Andrew these are humans not toys have some compassion. Be that man who brings back Jamaica to the country that we love grow and love Be that man you promise the people and then u will see a different with the people and make sure its the correct Registered vaccine. i mean you must can see you are not getting much people listening to you. Lock down I agree just to calm down the rise of this devil virus that is among us. Andrew look into the community across the island and make a plan and time scale to short fix this big problem that the people are crying out for you.

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