Jamaica’s Police Dismiss American Flight Attendant Kidnapping Claims – February 14 2021

Jamaica's Police Dismiss American Flight Attendant Kidnapping Claims - February 14 2021 1


    1. @john brown The thousands of you that supported her end up looking like fools and are not man or woman enough to admit that you were gullible

    2. @Barrington Clarke YOU ARE THE GULLIBLE PERSON !!! I WOULD NOT WANT TO COME TO JAMAICA AND BE LOCKED UP IN A ROOM BASED ON SOME BOGUS CORONOVIRUS TEST RESULTS !!!***************** I guess you are one of them who will be taking the vaccine

    3. @Khyra Landies I AM NOT HER FRIEND I WATCHED THE VIDEO SHE PUT OUT !!! IN THE VIDEO SHE COMPLAINED THAT SHE WAS LOCKED UP IN A ROOM BASED ON SOME DUBIOUS COVID TEST RESULTS !!!!*************There is no where in which she ever said she was kidnapped and missing !!! ***I AM NOT HER FRIEND, BUT TVJ IS HELPING THE POLICE AND THE AUTHORITIES BY PUTTING OUT NEGATIVE REPORTS ABOUT THIS GIRL, all that she ever said was that she was being mistreated by hotel staff and security and her vacation was being ruined

    1. I agree! Next we will probably see a Go Fund Page set up for her. That seems to be the thing nowadays for even foolishness

    2. Did you hear her say she were looking forward to drink and drunk 🤣😭but she have covid and that make her mad

  1. If a Jamaican did go a Merica and do that he/she would be charged for public mischief. When ashes cole dawg lie dung in deh. This is Jamaica’s present position. Smh

  2. Why was she not arrested?? If she did this anywhere else she would be locked up. if she was a Jamaican living in Jamaica uno woulda lock her up smh!

  3. She felt like she was being kidnapped because she couldn’t go home and had to stay isolated so by her own misunderstood mind, she was confused. She probably have no understanding or just ignorant or just want attention and fame.

  4. OMG “I don’t feel like I have covid” uh some people don’t even show symptoms but can be positive. And just because you were negative before doesn’t mean you can’t become positive at a later date. You are not immune.

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