Jamaica's Rastafarian Council Cautions Entertainers Who are Against the Vaccine - March 19 2021 1

Jamaica’s Rastafarian Council Cautions Entertainers Who are Against the Vaccine – March 19 2021


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  1. she contradicted herself, she should have started with natural livity, boosting immune system and choice before she spoke about bowing down, the ones who don’t resist are weak

    1. My point exactly . The vaccine they say is to boost immune system. we are made with built in vaccine by our creator. We just need to take care of it. eat plant base diet , proper rest , manage stress. FRESH AIR, exercise trust in the creator and we are good and won’t need the boost

  2. A people forget there history will blow with the wind. Can’t buy or sell , can’t travel freedom take away???if the shot work shouldn’t you be immune?? Why should you worry about getting infected by others who are not?? You still of to wear masks after this shot because you can still catch and spread it. It can’t stop the variants. Suh tell what is this for???

    1. @Tony Clarke no need chips, there is a mathematical consecutive of responses you RNA to infection, any human have some without chips.

    2. The goal is to prevent serious illness requiring hospitalization and death. Once most are vaccinated in the world, there will be a level of immunity. The problem right now is the stress on the medical system and even if you get sick from something else, you may not get help if covid19 is stressing the hospital. Also, if you or a lived one is in hospital no visitors are allowed. They only let you visit 5 min to say goodbye. The vaccine will help ease alot of things including causing death in some. If people had followed protocol we wouldn’t be having this conversation, but here we are.

    3. The shot supposedly. Protects you from death and or hospitalization.
      Reduces severity in lay mans understanding

  3. Don’t take NOTHING they will give you to cure a deceise they created to keep you trapped,in a manner you won’t appreciate AT ALL! Don’t give your free will away for free Blessings

    1. Interestingly, a lot of people in important positions, in countries around the world, are jumping the line to GET vaccination, BEFORE, people who are on the front line; yet, people in Jamaica are shunning being inoculated from the deadly virus, claiming white people want to control them!!! Dunceness on steroids!

      The fact is These countries that are being branded as evil, are hoarding their vaccines FROM giving it to THEM!! Dem no want gi dem none! They are stocking up on vaccines, up to four times the amount of people in their countries! While, the poorer countries, like Jamaica are struggling to obtain even a minimal amount. 

      Ignorancy and illiteracy, are keeping Jamaica down.

    2. @game changer TMC the moment you take the vaccine you bow down to their tyranny,and without knowing what’s in it you rely on these people making their choice without asking you,if you like what they do. Ergo you give up on your right to decide what’s best for you and rather give them the opportunity to just do whatever they want, not only with you but everyone! That’s why your free will is so important because it starts from the very moment you can’t choose for yourself!

  4. The wisest thing that should be on every wise individuals list is to invest in different stream of income that don’t depend on the government to bring money especially now the pandemic is hitting economy pretty hard .

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    3. I started my investments with Mr Blian Reinkensmeyer with $3,000 and made over $15,550, he is a plug to success

    4. and also a little back yard gardening. We could use pots if space are limited. my daughter lives in cold Canada and able to grow potted veg….

  5. A who them no council can’t chat too real rastaman babylon can’t use no groupe fee come chat too ini FIRE BUN BABYRONG


    1. Seriously where did they find this gate keeper? After she collect her 30 pieces of silver then what? Because even the gate keepers will be destroyed! People of Jamaica return to your GOD the enemy is definitely trying to wipe our people out!! Fiyah fi Babylon and dem council Psalms 83

  7. I thought Rasta was Ital! If she was a true Rasta woman she wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    1. SMH. This is 2021, not 600 BC. people are educating themselves internationally and globally about science and culture. There is no Moses building an Ark to gather all Rastafarians. lol

    2. So now Rasta believes in Babylon
      medicines. Lady stop trying to force this vaccine on the Jamaican

  8. She is a hopeless Egyptians who the Almighty YAH rejected; that’s a Delilah wearing locks to deceivie the Ethiopians into Babylonian beast system ; she’s is Wrong; NOT a Yisraelite, for we KNOW them by the Spirit of Truth! Shalum

  9. I was home crying wondering if am the only one who is seeing what’s happening in this world, but after seeing some of this comments i feel so good inside to know that am not the only one who is seeing things for what it’s… please keep your faith and don’t let devil people deceive you…

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