Jamaica's Small Farmers Appeal for Help - February 21 2021 1

Jamaica’s Small Farmers Appeal for Help – February 21 2021


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    1. Tourism has the potential to earn billions plus thousands of jobs so it hasn’t to be given priority, Agriculture in Jamaica is basically hand to mouth in the global environment, we cannot compete in the world of agriculture, one farmer in the US have more level lands at his disposal and farming equipments than all the farmers in any given parish in Jamaica.
      How can our local farming industry compete with that.

    2. @Genchfa Manfunzi not in countries like Jamaica where we earn 15cent of every 100cents that is spent in tourism. Also most fdi in tourism borrow from local banks so it is not new money in the economy but our own money. Plus they get land deals, tax waivers, pay workers little to nothing no job security no benefit most workers work so they can meet some one to beg a green card that’s facts. During this pandemic tourist works got my tax payer money to cushion the impact because the hotels forsake them plus they took compensation for the empty room from the pandemic money. Tourism in america Canada n uk is done to benefit the country n workers not in Jamaica how many resort worker do u see living a decent life own house n car and family happy in Jamaica they are all hustling n scraping by vs tourist workers from other countries that can have reasonable standard of living tourism is no good in Jamaica

    3. @Malcolm P Thats only happens because Jamaica is operating at the very bottom of the tourism market, we have to begging people to come and I may say rock bottom prices, we all know how damage a brand we have.
      When you have a diaspora that is as large as the living in population that says it all.
      If we can wheel and come again that how it shall be and may sink to a new low.

    4. @Genchfa Manfunzi and it is for this reason why I think putting tourism money into farm will reap a most sustainable, exportable and a more dignified profit than tourism. But this can only happen is the right people are in charge not any of these 2 party hustlers. Food is a global commodity that is never out of demand and people need cheaper organic produce not the GMO food that we have now and countries like Jamaica can take advantage of this. Plus workers can easily transition to owners in farming unlike tourism were u r stuck kiss as$ for a green card

    5. @Malcolm P Organic farming is our best bet, but as you right said, these two criminals organizations masquerading as governments only focus is on winning the next election and they have no long term for this country and then there is biggest problem of them all, Crime we have to deal with that so we can have tourist all over the island so that the farming communities can benefit directly from farming.

  1. I just get some rainfall in about three weeks just get some rain this morning an finally get to fertilize the plants an now praying for a next shower

  2. That’s the problem with farming in Jamaica, too many small farmers, with hoe cutlass and fork, that type of farming is only hand to mouth.

    1. Jamaican farmers don’t have the resources like the more privileged countries, and yes its hand to mouth but it’s a blessed hand to mouth. All the people need is a little help along the way. Government was designed to assist the ppl.

    2. @Andrew Blake How then can government help them, what would you want to be done.
      The thing that farmers needs most is land nothing beyond 45 degrees.

    3. @Genchfa Manfunzi land acquisition is cheap my freind, Jamaica is the land of wood and water. Water isnt short in Portland, provide a steady water delivery system for the farmers, giveGrant’s, aid whatever little subsidies they can. I cant forget when roger Clark a former minister of agriculture allowed thousands of pounds of dasheen to spoil all in the name of politics, how the farmers wept.

    4. @Andrew Blake Flat level lands aren’t readily available and that what it take for Jamaican farmers to be real competitive.

  3. you need to dig many channels for rain water, create artical holes to grow fish, seed more tree like russian bereza. so need more information about ground consistention, rain volumes, any other only plus to do it right.

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