Jamaica's Sugar Workers' Cry - February 22 2021 1

Jamaica’s Sugar Workers’ Cry – February 22 2021


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    1. this isn’t racism……or unjust these are people who were on someone else land therefor they were at the mercy of the land owner……. i do feel like they should have been given more time to get their affairs in order but on a whole nothing here is illegal or unjust. no need for blm so kindly move around

    2. @Tameka Prescott if u see nothing wrong with that situation your just as u sound “dense”…read a book about laws and rights before u comment on someone’s comment

    1. So tru but we Jamaican love hand out n dnt try to make our own always at d mercy of these politicians …u always see the opposition mp on d scene when things like this happen n never the mp that is in power yet we still dnt c that we are being used by our own employees

  1. All Jamaican a full time you people must raises up and look what Andrew holiness doing too the Jamaican them that born and bread in there count vote the man out and see if the country no run good we need pNP back in to power this man a sell out the country too Chinese. That means we Jamaican can’t come home and buy a peace of land his for Chinese that Bomb-cloth must stop we need back our little country Jamaica what we love so much

  2. This is embarrassing to watch , people need to have access to proper housing/living facilities which are near by out of the working areas . Thi isn’t enough for the people to live . They need better living facilities. For one I wouldn’t live there and they would have to give me my documents , pertaining to title of the house so no one can come a destroy it after I start living there . This is highly unacceptable and the government / Mp for the area need to take care of it’s workers , just like when people go abroad on farm work and get good accommodation that’s how the government should do . Only pity they don’t know that if they have alot of workers getting good care and the right living facilities the sugar cane farm would be a better place . They need to take care of the workers , This isn’t slavery and I’m no slave .

  3. The people in charge still have their living conditions intact so they don’t care because they are already in power!!

  4. Them remove the chain but still a use them brain. Its time we stop put our trust in politician they are all the same. Father have mercy on us .

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