Jamaica's Summer School "Manhunt" | Gang Violence Plaguing John's Hall St. James - June 30 2021 1

Jamaica’s Summer School “Manhunt” | Gang Violence Plaguing John’s Hall St. James – June 30 2021


Questions are being raised by educational stakeholders as to how the Ministry shall reach the students who have been off the grid throughout the school year. Such questions have arisen after the announcement of the government's national summer school programme.

Introduction – 0:00
Operational Changes for Spanish Town Hospital in Jamaica – 3:34
Gang Violence Plaguing John's Hall in St. James, Jamaica – 8:49
Barrett Street Fire Station on Track for Completion – 13:54
Midday Sports – 20:22

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  1. Only 3,700 inmates island-wide in a country with one of the highest crime rates in the world? Something doesn’t seem right.

  2. They will come who need education think positive these teachers do everything to stay home children is our future

  3. These students still need WiFi and tablets but still it will be good to get the boys and girls off the street and back in school.

  4. A the prisoners dem fi take the vaccine to see how well it works on the Caribbean people dem

  5. See it deh no fire truck in Jamaica so nothing no good system not here so me no know how dem think Jamaica well be better

  6. When it is election time damn know how to reach each and everyone it still can happen same way the same medium this man always I do not know if I’m trying to prove a point create a point or ask a question but sometime some of the issue he put forward would he want me to answer him

  7. My big question I always ask why when the police are going on operation them turn on the blue light can anybody answer that question if you are going to catch people who are creating problem you do not need to turn on the blue light blue light flashing the people you’re going to catch is on the move

  8. This man who is talking now did he migrate from Kenya to Jamaica where exactly did he born and grow up what he’s talking about it is a long time issue

  9. Lucifer pnp was in govemment for 18 years go ask the pnp why there is no fire truck you dam pnp fool

  10. Not a learning loss. Half of what is being taught can stay.. So-so fart which u will live your whole life and don’t see again… Damn fluff and nonsense… A lot of it can be cut… On the matter of the inactive students, a summer program won’t encourage them to come out. Give me a break… People making decisions have no idea what is going on on the ground

  11. Am wondering why the US flag is in the pack along with the Jamaican flag and this is not a international event?

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