Jamaica's Taxi Operators in St. Elizabeth Claim Police Harassment | TVJ Midday News - June 1 2021 1

Jamaica’s Taxi Operators in St. Elizabeth Claim Police Harassment | TVJ Midday News – June 1 2021


Over in Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica some passengers in Junction were left stranded this morning after taxi operators who applied the Junction to Mandeville as well as the Junction to Santa Cruz route withdrew their service. The taxi operator staged a protest claiming they're being targeted by the police for not using the designated taxi stand.

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  1. I like the new modifications TVJ has made to their Midday News Package. Awesome graphics and audio….

  2. If ur road license states that u can drop off n pick up in town area as long as u r not obstructing traffic amd a police officer write u a ticket for that breach m sorry but see u in court simple maths.

  3. Poor people struggle is no jokes especially in Jamaica of lately , Andrew Wickness it is not a good look on the island right now, trust me.
    Do something before something more drastic happen on the island please and thanks.

  4. I am not jumping hallelujah as yet why I never put my trust and my belief into the ministry of health we do not know if the numbers they gave us is true or false that could be lying to make it look like the numbers going down this type of people cannot be trusted and that’s why I do not like them

  5. The problem is Jamaican people do not love their own kind so the laws will never be equal it is hard to be a Jamaican and a black man at the same time….

  6. charge the passenger too 2 2000 $ each passenger now the move into de park taxi taxi stand x #

    1. Why do humans love excessive punishment?

      I bet you go to church every Sunday too and call yourself Christian

  7. Why is tvj miday news in two parts,why not just have a full length program can somebody explain?

  8. There should be a member of Parliament in that area for these taxi drivers to take their case

  9. Taxi man need fi get with the program, NO reason I should walk into MoBay and see bare OLD Taxi car. YEAH unno go to the BACK.

  10. Just look at the politician the body language and the gesture tells you of a frightened trying to elude his way out of guilt, shame shame when you are dealing with these aggressive arrogant personalities you guys need to wire yourselves before approaching them

  11. I claim taxi harassment every day when I’m on the road. There’s never a day I’m spared a taxi man running up my blood pressure. Gwaan complain bout harassment.

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