Jamaica's Tourism Ministry Disappointed with False Claims by Kalina Collier - February 15 2021 1

Jamaica’s Tourism Ministry Disappointed with False Claims by Kalina Collier – February 15 2021


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  1. She should of been arrested for creating public mischief .. a slap on the wrist is what she got..if that were me a native of Jamaica I’d be in jail or on bail awaiting trail . Kmt guess different strokes for different folks

  2. Thats not good enough… we are disappointed!!!!!!!!…. sue di gyal sue jet blue… dem ungrateful and wicked!!!

  3. She should be banned from Jamaica for life… All she is doing is trying to get clout and damaging our country’s reputation

  4. We have problem being offsprings of racial injustice to find out a person who look like just one of us make these flase claims against a Nation should not be allowed back on the Island ,what was her
    agenda? To persuade tourist not to visit then she shouldnot!!!!!point blank look to go somewhere for work
    Not the beautiful Island Stay away

  5. Please ban her, her mother and friends who travelled with her from our island…..I did not believe her story from day one…..u see how 1 story can leave a negative impact on a person or should I say in this case our island ….ban her so as to teach others that we don’t tolerate lies which can damage our island reputation

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