Jamaica's Twin Threat - Covid-19 & Fleeing Nurses - March 3 2021 1

Jamaica’s Twin Threat – Covid-19 & Fleeing Nurses – March 3 2021


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  1. “Training” nurses or retaining nurses? Isn’t retention more crucial at the moment?
    I don’t know Rasta.

  2. Ha JA has been allowing brain drain of key jobs since independence. An excess of nurse that cant find jobs only encourage growth and inovation in our health care.
    Allowing these nationals to leave without angitating that growth was a fault of the government and the jamaican mindset.

  3. As them get the training and 1year experience them cut, but i cant blame them, money them say

  4. Government needs to start offering scholarships to nurses and teachers in exchange for service. They can’t expect people to pay millions on their education and then come back to work for their minimum wage while paying back student loans and tend to their other personal expenses…..give scholarships and bond them for service, by the time their bond is expired they would have trained new nurses to replace those who want to leave…..

    1. I’ve BEEN saying this. A new grad nurse in Jamaica makes about 800,000 a year, when they migrate to places like America and the UK they make 8 million jmd a year. That speaks for itself. Money talks and right now tuition a year is $5000 usd, they raise tuition each and every school year, What would be the benefits of staying here for nurses? There are none…AT ALL.

    2. @Lulu Bella Comparing JA to the UK and US is not fair. By your logic JA will have Zero working class to maintain and grow the country while powerful country keep us under foot. Selfish and short sighted mindset since 1960’s

  5. many students recently graduated from nursing school and many of them are still not employed.

  6. Train more nurses to lose more as there is nothing to keep them here. Underpaid, working conditions etc.

  7. Why wedding can keep but church cant open and we keep funerals so why the wedding is so important than serving god who is the creature of th universe.

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