Jamaica’s World Champion Medal Count ‘Quasi Fortune Teller’ | TVJ Sports Commentary – July 13 2022

Jamaica's World Champion Medal Count 'Quasi Fortune Teller' | TVJ Sports Commentary - July 13 2022 1


    1. But I want Shelly to get it. I suspect Sherika will have a say though, since she is the most improved player this year.

    2. @topgymrat i still would love to see Thompson win it but I think the change of coach will come back to haunt her ! But yea I think Shelly Ann will be hard to beat but Jackson will be on a mission! I don’t see anyone beating Jackson in the 200m the world record in the 200m will be in danger!

    1. Nice but unless something goes wrong in 200m shelly not even coming close
      But 2 golds is very possible

  1. No medal nah win inna the mens 4×1 nor the mile
    Dem nuh good enuff, so maverick yuh short 2, maybe 3, Seville nah medal either in the flat 100, ion see it happening😂😂😂

  2. Which of the 3 top female Jamaican sprinters (Shelly-Ann, Elaine, or Shericka) is most likely to get 2 individual goal medals?

  3. Nope we getting about 16 medals 🏅 and we getting more than 3 gold medals! The aliens 👽 said we getting about 6 gold medals 🏅!!

  4. I see you demoted Elaine maverick be careful remember she’s a big occasion woman that’s all from me I hope they have a good championship

  5. I’m taking on your prediction of jamaica achieving a bronze in the 4×4, we now have that Lioness Charokee on the team, Silver! me a sey and the US should watch themselves.

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