1. Too obvious that this part of the comment section is infested with MAGA Qanon flat earther bots/trolls. All of them have no argument in their comments at all!

    1. @Anu Litja Like i said, those are just the numbers and not the reasons for them… do you simply not ask yourself “why or how” like ever?

    2. why do all all MAGA Qanon cultist here are just bashing and not providing any facts? their argument are always… _trump 2020 baby!_ , _prepare to cry_ , _maga all the way_ … it is as if they all follow the same script of bashing their prophet is saying.

    1. At least 2 different Republicans have written Bills to set term limits in Congress, Cruz and Crenshaw. You can guess what the Democrats did about those bills. There’s too many of them who have spent 30+ years in Congress. Nadler, Shumer, Pelosi

    2. Emma Gebhart racism is one of many issues. But the 30+ year politicians can’t even fix the easy stuff much less racism.

  1. God HELP us all, another SOLDIER of God has gone before us, help us dear Lord in these most chaotic and uncertain times, make me make us more like your soldier disciple John Lewis, God rest his soul and grant comfort to his family in mourning.

    1. Mike MichaelD we want president Trump who has undone democratic policies and skyrocketed out economy and achieved more in 3 and a half years than osama did in 8😂😂😂

    2. @David I wonder if tRump would take a knee for BLM? Nah he is a racist raping conman who is going to get voted out, its going to be a like the 2018 midterms but hundred times worse

  2. Thank you sir for fighting for so many disadvantaged communities. We need more heroes like him in this world.

  3. I saw this headline «  More willful blindness by the media on spying by Obama administration »
    Is it true? Blind? Uninformed? Stupid? Not interested?

  4. I agree that “Defund” is not a good slogan, and it also isn’t the best or the most positive way of conveying the intention (which has to do w/resource allocation). For many people, “defund” sounds like too alarming a departure; however, most of the sorts of policy proposals the slogan represents would probably sound to these same people like good sense. It would be worth compromising on the wording, when the work itself is what matters so much. It would be worth winning all allies who are there to be won. (Focus on what WILL be funded; frame it as pressure being taken OFF police- These subtleties of messaging really do matter; that is something the GOP learned ages ago, and it’s part of why they manage so well at framing the situation, coining the terms which will dictate debate, and siphoning off far too many of our natural-ally voters.)
    ~ One thing the old Civil Rights leaders exemplified so well and carried with them was Dignity. They fought for their human dignity to be recognized, but had to carry themselves with its knowledge for so long while it went unacknowledged. When you have dignity, people notice. They look worse by comparison when they do not show it, so they try to be better people themselves. We have a daily reminder of how not to behave right now- it’s worth reminding ourselves that we have a choice, and can follow other, perhaps more challenging examples.

  5. I liked the sight of police standing and saluting in respect for such a brave man and great American.

  6. Yes, vote for Democrat who championed a cause that resulted in incarceration of millions of young Black Men and destroyed the family. The goal was to replace the Male role model with government assistance in order to secure political power

  7. should be a Sainthood application total missing his greatness If Christ would be alive He would of chosen him as a Disciple

    1. Go to your local community college. Enroll. When you graduate, you won’t sound so goofy. I’m just sayin’.

  8. Hey Joe Biden, remember that time you eulogized democrat Senator Robert Byrd, former Exalted Cyclops of the West Virginia KKK? That was awesome!

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