1. Everyone with common sense knew all along what the orange con man says is all lies and the same goes for his sidekick evil fred flintstone barr.

    1. @Motho Wee unfortunate that you assume a political bone in my body..i despise both sides..
      I don’t idolize rich men in ties
      Cause they tend to lie

    2. @MG Massey I could care less, i’m in Africa and love seeing someone who cares about the neglected, and Trump is exactly doing that.

    3. @Julie Dean Ignorance is bliss!! He is the SWAMP MONSTER!! Countless members of his administration, resigned, jailed, indicted or under investigation!! WAKE UP!!! He’s doing nothing but dragging America through the mud!! This country’s prestige on the world stage has been irreparably damaged!! Foreign leaders laugh at the boy in the oversized clothes!! He speaks like a third grade child and calls himself a stable genius!! Thinks windmills will give you cancer and Fredrick Douglas is still alive!! He’s a joke but it ain’t funny anymore!!

    1. @Logical Thinker Fox is the wolf in sheeps clothing, Trump fans I think deep down know but because they think Trump is doing all their bidding they don’t care and lie with him. You know if what the bible says god says vengeance is mine it would not surprise me if Trump is reborn but in his next life is a gay black female immigrant that is poor and health issues all around him in his family, a prisoner of war, and homeless, for how he treats people in this life.

    1. Wait…he took one?/are the results on social media…or did he Burn them in the Oval Office Fire Place with the Rest of the Phone Transcripts/he Probably scored 10pts. Less then Forrest Gump…

  2. CNN is flooding FBI former staffers onto the show (no matter who they are “aka this guy”) to explain away this report.

  3. Not a fan of Comey – but boy is he right about very concerning stream of lies and misinformation coming from Trump and AG Barr.

  4. Missed you James Comey. Thank
    you for your service 🙂 I have faith that the American Constitution will make things right, it has been drafted to keep the check and balance among the three branches of government in place.

  5. “The lip of truth shall be established for ever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment.” Proverbs 12:19

  6. “And blasphemed the God of Heaven because of their pains, and their sores, and repented NOT of their deeds”…

    Revelation 16:11 Kjv

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