Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Defendant Richard Barnett Speaks With NBC News 1

Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Defendant Richard Barnett Speaks With NBC News

NBC News' Scott MacFarlane interviews Capitol riot defendant Richard Barnett.
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  1. Yeah, prison is a horrible place, and I’m all in for prison reform. But he come these nuts only start caring about reform after they are in there, only after it’s all about them. Why didn’t they care about prisoners 5 years ago, while they were busy shouting lock everyone up and everything.

    1. @Pat Doyle – BLM and ANTIFA are heros to the Democrat Party. That might just be the thing that destroys that Party

    2. @Scott Harrison
      I don’t think many consider either to be “heroes” – especially not Antifa. The only good thing about them is being anti-fascist, and not really being an organization. A lot of them are just radicals and anarchists. For example when Trump was elected, FOX News – being as unreliable as ever – showed footage of a fairly violent (no one hurt, but many windows smashed) Antifa protest – unfortunately, it was stock footage from their 2012 protests of OBAMA’S election! So, no – not terribly popular with Dems or vice versa, but we are capable of seeing that they are nowhere NEAR the threat that right wing groups are.

      But BLM’s cause is right, even if their leadership does not seem to measure up to MLK or John Lewis and others. And supporting them will not hurt Dems one bit – the majority of the country does.

      There is a reason the GOP has to rig election rules in their favor – almost everything the Dems support has a large majority of public support. The GOP strategy now is to keep their base as frightened and misinformed as they can, and doing everything they can to keep others away from the polls. It’s nothing new. Back when the Dems were the party of the south, rural states, and racists they did the same thing.

      Trumpism appears to be the last gasp of the theocratic, neo-fascist, racist part of the country, and it still has a small chance if we can’t stomp it out – but I think we can. Hopefully, some remnant of the GOP can survive to become a sane conservative voice, because A) they are not ALWAYS wrong, and B) this is a democracy and conservatives deserve a voice too.

    3. @Concrete Lightbulb I have posted links to the multitude of reports showing this very thing and all the RWNJs claim it is fake news………..you just cannot fix stupid!!!!

  2. Imagine getting yourself arrested for Trumps lies and then complaining about the prison you were put in.

    1. Very “smart” people, I curious at how more of these people feel now that their God-King didn’t pardon any of them.

  3. Wow … being mistreated in prison!? This is so unfair to white people who are just trying to overthrow the government. This poor guy needs an apology for his long suffering days behind bars. And how enlightened he might be about very necessary changes in the entire prison system if he wasn’t so concerned about how mean everyone has been to him.

    1. @Nelson Thibeau oh I know, I was watching it on tv, this comes from the man who didn’t want to serve his country because of some bone spurs ,they so pathetic

    1. Maria Schultz is Just trolling. I have seen the same stupid comments on multiple channels.
      Just report the account for spam and ignore the obvious insults and falsehoods that try to push your buttons. Not worth it.

    2. I wonder if he ever chanted ‘ lock her up’? Why oh why can’t reporters ask the right questions?

    3. @dublinjazz1 Wow, ok, too many brainwashed leftists here to respond to individually. No, I am not defending him or anyone who took part in Jan 6th. No doubt it was a terrible thing and they should all be punished. The lawlessness in our country is out of control and getting worse by the day. By the way, cops out to get black people = bullcrap. Totally false narrative used by the left and BLM to cause a split in our country. Check some stats. About the looters, etc, the police stood down for much of it and just let them do what they wanted to do: act like a bunch of animals. Never said those arrested were not punished. Try reading next time. Apple to oranges, yes, that is true I must admit, the looting and destruction was FAR worse than Jan 6th. And just to be clear, I am no Trump fan. Conservative, yes, Trump fan, no. He did not incite anything on Jan 6th, but I’ll bet most of you think he did because that’s what you have been told to believe. Again, check the facts.

    4. @Fin Fan You mean the rw white supremacists who committed all those crimes in order to discredit the peaceful BLM protests…………They should get the same!!!!!

    5. @maria schultz
      She wasn’t murdered. She was shot for not complying and following the officers directions. No one is about the law.

    1. The guards call it protective custody. The other cons call it PUNK CITY because these cupcakes can’t hack being in the general population.

  4. *Richard Barnett is going to get 50 years in the FED PEN*
    We need to make an example of this traitor.

  5. My deepest sympathies for those who guard the ‘patriots’ . They should receive hazard pay.

    1. @Trump 2024 Probably not as authoritarian as people trying to subvert democracy by force. You must know that you are oversimplifying things.

    2. @Trump 2024 Btw I would imagine that them being separated from the general population is for their own good.

    3. @Scaulby with an ‘S’ Well, there have also been reports of the prisoners being beaten by the guards and one guy was beaten so bad that he lost an eye. The prison system has refused to allow congressmen in to tour the facility and prevented journalist from entering. That is authoritarianism. Good thing I already got my guns. The second civil war is going to be lit.

    4. @Trump 2024 I guess the silver lining is that we agree that there should be some form of prison reform.

    5. @Trump 2024 And where exactly are these “reports” coming from??? RW/ Qanon news/web sites??? What about the beatings and eye gouging THEY did during the insurrection?????

  6. Why give these Traitors any face time Let his Maga Messiah give him time, not the American people!

    1. His MAGA-boy no longer has a public forum for spreading his little-donald lies. In fact, little donald can’t even get his broke-back 757 jet fixed. That’s why it’s sitting parked at some broke-back airport in Hoboken or something. MAGA-boy has done been _grounded._

    1. @epinephrinsr71 just stealing the mail is bad in itself, ask Dejoy what the penalty is, I am sure he knows!

    2. ​@Jetta You guys are draconian. I was raised to punish people that way as a conservative, because our grandparents would hang anyone who opposed civilization. But I never thought the Left would drop the hammer. You guys wield the power now–your actions and your responsibilities will echo throughout the ages. Remember that.

  7. even in jail they are privileged by their own prison wing. they should have been put among other general population and *NO SPECIAL TREATMENT* given to them

    1. Thats what they were asking for, to end the solitary confinement and the unnecessary beating. I don’t know how you call solitary confinement a privilege, most people call it a form of torture. Also most of these people only committed the crime of trespassing on public property. So good job on creating an authoritarian state.

    2. Why are they interviewing insurrectionists? We have already seen their respect for the rule of law. They will have their day in court. If you insist on finding out about them put your findings in a written article and stop giving them airtime.

    3. No, we don’t them mixed with the rest of the prison population, they’ll start radicalizing everybody with their crazy beliefs.

  8. This insurrectionist still DOES NOT GET IT!! I hope they throw the book and him and make him an example of him for all the rest. He better get more time then the Situation.

    1. @Wild Bill oh l have issues dealing with people who you can tell arnt quite right….their lines between reality and delusion are blurred. Especially the ones that just wont go away …..they answer everyone like its their life so l cut them off. Usually a bye falisha works. Sometimes they’re too far gone and they just don’t get it

  9. Wait, hold on a second. These are the same people that are always crying that prisoners “have it made!” “They are in Club Med, watching TV, exercising getting ‘free stuff’ while we work…” saying They, referring to people of color. Now, however, “it’s so awful!!” Um…yea, it’s punishment, and no, it’s not “Club Med.” He deserves every single minute sentenced to him.

    1. I think what this clown wants to say is that minorities don’t deserve television, food, exorcise, etc. But white prisoners should have big screen tv, 5 star meals, and be able to come and go as they please. You know, the ol’ double standard

    2. He was in far too nice a prison given his offense. Let’s hope the Justice Department returns him to one quite a bit less to his liking real soon. I hope they make an example of him due to how the Right Wing has characterized Nancy Pelosi.

    3. @Austin Tie Dye Co They are also the ones who constantly harp about unarmed Black people being murdered by police “if they had only obeyed police orders”……..and they are trying to make Asley Babbitt a martyr!!!!

  10. “this isn’t about me”….dude, you literally took actions to put yourself in that situation and you’re talking about your experience. It’s about you. what a goof ball

  11. Take away Barnett’s citizenship and exile him to Russia where he belongs. He loves Putin and Trumpf.

    1. @SportsBeast740-Gaming you are not a good person, people like you are responsible for the worst things in history. get educated and develop some self awareness

    2. Russia has running water and electricity. Send these asshats to Somalia. You’re free to do whatever you want for as long as you can survive.

  12. He sounds a bit like a sovereign citizen. “Speaking out and showing them the rules.” Poor baby.

  13. Being separated by themselves is I am sure, for their own safety and they should be thankful for it… none of them would last a week in gen pop

    1. yip! very true some crims would gladly give them a reality check on what it means to be a “Patriot “

    1. If he did think about it , I am sure he thought it was just fine the way it was or should have even harsher!!!!

    2. I’m sure he couldn’t care less about folks in prison and probably voted for harsher punishments…..til he’s the one being punished.

  14. This guy has the characteristics that a serial killer would have. It is scary and he should be kept in jail for the sake of society.

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