1. Lol, “may have engaged” says another made up source. It’s amazing that people still believe these idiots.

    2. @K Bear Look at you struggling there lil Boo Boo. These domest-erooni- ic terrorists known as the Proud Boys will be littered across history books as a poorly organized white supremist group. 786 arrests have been made 99% of those arrested are uneducated lower-middle class Caucasians and Trump is being charged as well today! These Walmart patriots will indeed be remembered but not in the way they intended! I’m an Armed Liberal, doing my part to save America!

    3. @reality no, liberals appreciate good government, not deranged orange fools trying to impersonate politicians.

  1. These are serious allegations, and if there is supporting evidence, they should be arrested as soon as possible and tried, they are also flight risks and pose further threats to the country, they should be remanded in custody.

    1. @Kelly Alves TRUMP never pulled the US out of NATO or the UNITED NATIONS!!!
      You’re a FOOL!!!

    2. @Anthony Arnold they have the evidence, and his minions are singing to save themselves, they are just packaging it up nicely for the doj so he can’t squim out of it. Took many years to get his buddy Epstein too.

  2. Don Lemon: “…Donald Trump committed a crime.”

    In other news: water is wet

  3. I wish Pence would stop beeing UN-american and become full in, 100% american. He should tell everything he knows. He should stay true to the constitution and to the oath he swore on the bible.

    1. @Upper 90 God forbid we try to hold Trump accountable for his treason… Ain’t no way we’re going to worry about inflation right now bro we got traitors to our nation to deal with. Please try to keep up or move to Russia…

    2. @lol easy! The sanctions he put down on Putin’s pipeline that was overturned by Biden while Biden simultaneously shut our pipelines down and now we’re totally reliant on Russian oil. How about Trump being the ONLY President to send arms to Ukraine specifically to fight the Russians? Should we also forget all the threats and blistering from Putin while Trump made his various moves and put sanctions down all over the Middle East?

    3. @lol lol been waiting 6 years for you guys to find him guilty on something. News flash still waiting

  4. 2021 and 2022 have basically just been one person saying “I committed a crime, guys. I did it, it’s me!” And then everyone including the authorities just going in circles going “we believe he may have done a bad thing.”

    1. @Tim Dawson ” no wonder everyone is wiping the floor with you… we’re beating you down like Biden did to dementia donny in 2020….buwhahahahahahahaha”

      Yep, some never learn.

    2. @BitBuhkit “Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?” (Galatians 4:16, KJV). The Lord Jesus Christ shall soon return, overthrow every government in the world, and establish His Kingdom in Jerusalem, just as God the Father promised. Get ready for it.

  5. What’s the point for gods sake .why not just charge him with any number of the crimes he committed and start the damn trial

    1. @Anthony Arnold actually what was said is that they presented a roadmap of potential charges to the DOJ. Now it is up to the DOJ to do something about it. Which will mostly likely go nowhere. Pay attention. Don’t sound so desperate.

    2. @J SMARTIN I do pay attention…
      Nothing will happen to TRUMP!!!
      I don’t feel desperate at all.
      It just makes me laugh when I hear the FAKE NEWS & DEMOCRATS say “WE GOT HIM THIS TIME!!!”

    3. @Anthony Arnold except that you put words in their mouth and that’s not what they said. They can screw things up on their own without your help. You sound desperate

  6. The crime was televised, recorded, witnessed, etc. It is crystal clear. So why are people not in prison?

    1. people will not forget they were protesting polosi so fbi mixed theirself in with the crowd along with antifa mixing into the crowd. nobody will forget that. it was a put on. it was all planned. how many of those people had a voter i.d. ? i drop by cnn once every three years. nothing but trash talk.

    1. So why is this or that or other things.
      Talking bout trump not anything else. Trump guilty treason.

    2. @Rob Perry because it was proven she didn’t commit a crime. Trump used her to fool gullible people into not voting for her, even hating her. I’m partially glad she didn’t become president but Trump ruined this nation. We used to be critical thinkers and educated at least, but now we rely on Facebook and TV to give us our thoughts. It’s embarrassing. Hilary DID NOT commit a crime, it was proven in court; and yet Trump literally took boxes and boxes of classified documents to his home and no Trump fanatic will remember that. He is everything he rails against, and has a true narcissistic mental disorder. Like the actual disease not metaphorically.

  7. “He attempted to insinuate himself into the world of President Vladimir Putin and his coterie of corrupt billionaire oligarchs. I know because I personally ran that deal and kept Trump and his children closely informed of all updates.” -Michael Cohen

    1. California home of billionaires and according to the US Census Bureau the highest poverty and homeless rate in the nation. I guess that’s what get when you have 50 plus years years of liberal government.

    2. Now, just how are you liars going to stop President Trump and “bring him down” since The Father, Son and Holy Spirit won’t let you do it?

      “The January 6th Committee Will Not Stop President Trump!”


  8. Lawyers are not special that they can commit crimes and fall back on confidentiality when things go bad. Stop trying to find ways not to prosecute DOJ, just do it. My God even the supreme court has had enough of this criminal.

    1. we have too many lawyers in our country. some of them were hanging out with my ex-wife. i think we should get rid of 50% of them for starters.

  9. His horrible administration created a multiple page power point presentation on how to do this 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    1. @Sam Cochrane by Democrat propaganda! No one charged with insurrection. Those who admit to sedition, very few you could count on one hand said what they were forced to say. Majority of people there were patriotic Americans protesting their government. Of the 600 + arrested most were merely for walking in capital. In an ordinary protest at the capital a large security force should have been deployed and Pelosi was warned yet she did nothing to secure the grounds. Entire Jan 6 investigation is a partisan witch hunt. Democrats tried to impeach Trump twice beginning on 1/20/17 also a partisan witch hunt. Republicans don’t waste tax payer dollars on frivolous charges. If had been an organized insurrection, it would have succeeded

    2. @Ken R Davis Trump was responsible for the security at the Capitol, not Pelosi. Typical right wing disinformation. All loving people at the Capitol. Just another guided tour. You really must think people were born yesterday. It was an insurrection. Period. Just trying to cover up treasonous behaviour.
      I stand by every word. You can gaslight as much as you like. And you can insult and belittle as much as you like. End of.

    3. @Ken R Davis Tosh and special pleading. Trump should have been impeached many more times. The patriots were those like the police officers who bore the brunt of these lovely people. If it was all so lovey dovey how come 140 people were injured. Just another lie, no doubt. Traitorous trash.

    4. @Ken R Davis 11 were charged with sedition.. The majority of rioters were merely the ground troops.and lesser sentences would apply. Hopefully more serious charges will be imposed on those who instigated the insurrection, Are you saying that the 3 police officers questioned by the 6/1 committee were lying? All made up I suppose. In true Republican style, it was all fake nooos.. How convenient. Your Great Leader has taught you well.

  10. Why does the charming phrase, “No S***, Sherlock” come to mind?

    Also, this is proof that we have the best legal system money can buy. I mean, if you or I were to pull any of these stunts, we would be thrown into jail so fast, all land speed records would be broken!

    1. @The Owl lol what is wrong with you libs? Why do you not listen to the phone with Trump yourself? You would hear clearly what Trump said. Just like the interview with Trump last week, you zom-libs take everything out of context. And you wonder why we do not take any of you snowflakes serious?

    2. @E Major lol how are they normalizing crimes? There was no damage, the capital was a public place that all could enter. So there wasn’t any breaking in. No looting and no burning. One person was killed and she was a Trumper. You’re a goofy zombie.

    3. @Bren Nice, but incorrect. Your accusation of a partisan report doesn’t have a leg to stand on. It’s only a fox entertainment talking point to keep you from seeing the truth.

    1. @BitBuhkit  No. I’ll be here everyday to remind you the crimes you support. I’ll be here to remind you everyday it’s never okay to use a experimental vaccine, let alone on 5-year-old children.

  11. Canadian observer here – would someone in your country please charge Trump with something, anything? There’s only several dozen things to pick from but pick one!!

    1. – I’ve had the impression for a long time that the international criminal gangs are being taken down by international law forces and small-time gangster wannabe T**** and family are being used to distract from attention until the big criminals can be set up like bowling pins. Or not. I’ve seen the Costa-Gavras movie “Z”. The last 10 minutes are interesting.

    2. Hard to charge some one with no real evidence. That’s the one good thing of our free country is that you are INNOCENT until proven guilty. Out of the criminal investigations conducted by the DOJ, FBI, CIA, Capital police, and DC police no one found evidence of any thing criminal from Trump or his administration. Lemmon is now pushing that the January 6th committee (made up of all the impeachment mangers) has Miraculously found the only evidence out there by conducting a illegal criminal investigation in to Trump. Of course this is what they are going to come up with.

    3. You could replace merrick garland with a cabbage and the chances of prosecution would probably increase.

  12. Something we’ve known for a while? So, can we place him behind bars? He won’t be like Nixon and peace out before being charged. No president on any political side can use their office to do harm to the constitution or the people. They should be held to a higher standard rather than lesser. Personally it shocks me that we cannot have more people held for their actions. Crimes should not go unpunished.

    1. Yeah Putin puts his political opponents behind bars, why cant democrats. What a childish use of the word fraud.

  13. “May” have committed a crime? He’s literally admitted and confessed, albeit in a boastful way, to several. Stop talking about it until something actually happens to hold them accountable.

    1. @BeSmart VoteBlue All lied, under oath, to the media or to the President. Some have done all.
      I cannot help you are so poorly informed.

    2. @William Parks and yet you’re here commenting on a CNN video too. You rooting for Putin too since your orange boy loves him?

    3. @Jeremy B nope I don’t support Putin I just realize that Putin wouldn’t have invaded if we had a real president instead of the KKK lovin’ multiple brain aneurysms patient who molested his own daughter in the white house. I mean seriously did you think that the illegal installation of the unelected unintelligible brain aneurysm patient joke Biden was not going to have sever repercussions on an global scale. Remember that Putin keeps invading under Joe’s watch because Joe’s handlers are Anti American communists.

  14. The only bad selection Biden made was MG for AG. He should’ve selected Sally Yates. Or Kirshner. MG is too soft.

    1. @Belly Dancer Em The justice system should be moderately slow to ensure fairness… He’s just too damn meek. Like when the Republicans were bulling him when they were treating threats to teachers from batshit crazy parents as terroristic in nature.

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