1. Today I read that all of his nfts are stolen stock photos where this moron only had his face photo-shopped in. And some are existing ads for products such as tuxedo & cowboy raincoat. I would like to also mention that his family name Trump was originally Drumpf or similar in Europe before they immigrated to USA. Funny if it translated into The dim ones.

  1. I guess now we Find out. If THE LAW is only to be obeyed by Poor. While Rich Powerful don’t have to obey our Laws. If TRUMP gets away with this an GOP also gets away with this Then my Uncle’s who Buried in ARLINGTON CEMETERY died for NOTHING. Should have never fought for this Country If TRUMP IS ABOVE THE LAW. An if I had someone close in my family in military I think ask them to quit. Keep this country safe for what so TRUMP CAN BE ABOVE THE LAW. No thank you.

  2. Mike pence did not have the courage to talk to the January 6th committee so he should keep his opinions to himself.

  3. As Winston Churchill once quipped: you can always trust the Americans to do the right thing, after they’ve exhausted all other options.

    1. @sammyshott23 If it helps, Adolf practically invented Socialism. While he technically did not, whenever Socialists like Communists or Marxists say “socialism” or the call someone else “socialist”, they are refer to Adolf and his guys.

    2. Biden is sending billions of dollars to Ukraine, because the elites are being blackmailed. They tortured Women, and Children

    3. @Mark Kay maybe his father wasn’t rich. But Churchill was a great man.he rallied the English people during the war . The English people became stronger because of him.. he also went to the front lines more than once during the war. The country was bombed to rubble. He stood on the rubble telling the country to never give up. Better to die fighting than surrender. . Of course I wasn’t around to see this.but it’s all facts.and at this time England was on its own.i know America came into the war after pearl harbour was bombed. And we owe a lot to the Americans. But without Churchill. England wouldn’t have got through.so who cars if his father had money or not?. Definitely not the english.and you might not know this. But Churchill was admired around the world. Including America. I can’t imagine you trump having half of Churchills courage.

  4. Come on DOJ. Vet’s some balls and Trump and his buddies behind bars. I wonder what would happen if a normal citizen committed these crimes. That normal citizen would spend the rest of their life in prison. This is no joke. Do what needs to b done once and for all!!!

  5. The claims weren’t bogus. All they had to do was highlight them and debunk each claim. They did not bc could not.

  6. As expected. Still, I’m a little disappointed the public hearings were so focused on Trump and didn’t get into what legislative remedies were suggested to prevent another would-be authoritarian from pulling the same shite.

  7. I can’t believe how many people in the comments that actually believe that charges are coming, it helps if there’s an actual crime

  8. “You’ll peacefully and patriotically let your voices be heard.” – Pres. Trump, Jan. 6th 2021

  9. I love how this criminal committee carefully edited the words “peacefully and patriotically” out of Trump’s statement on Jan. 6.

  10. Jan 6th, 2021 – “I am asking for everyone at the US Capital to remain peaceful. No violence! Remember, WE are the Party of Law and Order – respect the Law and our great men in blue. Please support ouf Capital Police and Law Enforcement. They are truly on the sied of our country. Stay peaceful!” – President Donald Trump

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