Jan. 6 Committee Shows New Video Of Capitol Riot 1

Jan. 6 Committee Shows New Video Of Capitol Riot


During the first hearing of the January 6 select committee, Rep. Bennie Thompson played out a series of videos from the Capitol riot. This video contains explicit language and graphic images some may find offensive.

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Jan. 6 Committee Shows New Video Of Capitol Riot


    1. @Greg M u think they care? Republicans are lobbyists for big corps to give themselves tax breaks.. they know what’s up.. it might work with a democrat though

    2. @America Patriot they didn’t have enough man power afraid of being overwhelmed and most importantly they didn’t want accountability for shooting a white person.

    3. @America PatriotYou know what you’re right. I shouldn’t call names. You had a valid question but to my core I believe that they didn’t use force because most of those people were White and other White people would’ve been upset seeing them get shot down whether they deserved it or not. I really can’t stand Trump or his followers because they are untethered from reality and are more of a threat to this nation than anyone else. All they can do is just cry deep state, Antifa, or BLM when they will be the real harbingers of the death of democracy.

  1. This needs to run every hour of every day on Fox News until the Republicans stop with their “mostly peaceful protest” lie.

    1. @Robyn Nordstrom my god. It’s a saying. Fact is BLM riots killed more than the 5 that died from the Capitol attack. You dems are funny, next the spelling and Grammer police will be on here “bUt YoUr MaTh”

    2. @Cassandra Gilbert A 18 year old went to a BLM protest with an ar35 that he had recently purchased and killed one and injured others. He is a committed trump supporter…. Just saying..

  2. Patriots see that insurrection and are saddened while traitors see the insurrection as a badge of honor.

    1. They’re proud of all of their disgusting behavior. But now these inserectionists want to play the victim and blame Trump and everyone else. Where’s the personal responsibility they preach? Guess that goes out the window when they don’t like the consequences they now face. Sad indeed!

    1. There was no love for law and order or the U.S. Constitution among these corrupt Republicans who stormed the Capitol, voted against certifying the election for Biden, downplayed the insurrection, whitewashed what happened on January 6th, and so on. These rioters didn’t care that they were breaking the law. They were given permission by their dear leader to go to the Capitol and stop the certification.

    2. @Greg K ha ha ha Greg, let’s make fun of TREASON and MURDER. Don’t know what you find funny here.

    3. You should have been able to believe it after years of mostly peaceful BLM riots and BLM members taking over city blocks.

    4. @Don Waters I keep seeing this come up, and I haven’t been able to find anything on it. Can you please provide some specifics about when exactly BLM broke into the U.S. Capitol, attempted to execute a duely elected government, and install leaders of their choice without an election? I keep seeing claims it happened, but can’t find a single bit of reporting on it from any source.

    1. @craig short no sweetheart. He said this is what Trump supporters wanted (talking about the riot) and I pointed out the riots from BLM and the body count… you people support BLM killing innocents, and destroying whatever they can get their grubby hands on every single day! Love you too

    2. @Cassandra Gilbert Don’t use someone else’s violence to justify your violence.

    3. @Cassandra Gilbert anti-abortionists have killed doctors and nurses, set fire to clinics, threatened government officials and terrorised thousands of innocent people… Now they are an equivalent group and they are terrorists.

    4. @Cassandra Gilbert I’m pointing out a member of the far right trump supporting bugaloo movement murdered police in cold blood in a planned assassination. Just saying….

    1. Guns were there and flashed by rioters on their Instagrama and FaceBoo.
      Search YT for ‘US Capitol Arrests: Mark Ibrahim’.

  3. And the GOP is trying to re-write history that this is a fun-loving, kumbaya, block-party? I think I missed the part of group hugs and kissing going on!

  4. If I didn’t know any better, I would swear that was just a normal tourist visit. LMAO!!! The hypocrisy of the GOP knows no bounds.

  5. Its sickening to see this and the leader of it all still free. Everyone who was there should be under oath for their involvement and sentenced severely

  6. I must have blinked and missed the hugging and kissing part. The biggest mistake that day was shooting only one of them. They should have shot every one of the seditionist animals.

  7. I was so devastated seeing it on Jan 6th, but this video just brings all those feelings of anger back to the forefront.

  8. Every insurrectionist should be charged with treason and given the appropriate punishment that comes with that sentence.

  9. The Capitol police make me proud to be an American and the rioters make me ashamed to be an American…

  10. I can’t even imagine the fear those men and women protecting the capitol must have experienced.

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