1. Shouldn’t all official communications be backed up and archived? Seems the previous administration had a problem with this concept.

    1. @Chadillac you mean except all the trump administration staff who’s testymonies corroborated Cassidy’s?

    2. @A R While you are surrounded by medical professionals, you should ask them for a treatment, that broken leg should be the last of your worries, ask them also about the dangers of inbreeding

    3. @A R Karens are your side, if you get one pregnant, skip abortion, any circus would be happy to employ that poor kid

    1. @Blaues Pony No, the SS v 2.0 deserves it. And they deserved to be shamed into the ground for it. Shamed and humiliated.

  2. Let’s not pretend
    The Secret Service’s phone provider has a copy of those texts.
    Get a warrant

    1. Exactly. And if you are the ceo of that company, knowing you host the secret service, and other, messaging services, you’d Walk to your ict admins to make sure everything is backed up immediately. Which btw, already happens of course.

      Also, echelon does it anyways. Those messages are somewhere, 100%

    2. @S J Encryption is hosted by the company. In other words, if they have backups, which they surely do, they can open it. No problem.

      Also. There are rules in place that its all logged for history etc.

      Unless they government is even more incompetent.

      Perhaps they can hire me…… even a mediocre security officer would arrange these things.

  3. The fact that the Secret Service deleted the texts AFTER they were requested speaks volumes to a cover-up. Hold them all accountable.

    1. @Brad84 That’s exactly what I thought about you – the bots have moved on from the same old worn tropes you spout. You’ve been doing the Hillary email thing for years now… You desperately need some new material.

  4. Deleting test “AFTER they were requested is a crime. Before they were requested is incompetence. Do you erase your phone data before transferring it to your new phone? No, you do not. We shall see.

    1. Maybe you should look up the meaning of SECRET ? They are literally named the Secret Service !!!

  5. I sincerely hope that someone in the Secret Service remains true to the oath, steps up and speaks. Where is Frank Serpico when you need him ?

    1. @jennti Question for you: Bloomberg is now reporting that the Secret Service says they will provide the lost texts to the Jan 6 Comm by this coming Tuesday. You previously reported that the Jan 6 Comm already had everything, Jennti. What’s going on?

  6. There is a lot more to this story than meets the eyes and ears. It goes a lot deeper than what we’re being told.

    1. @pacotaco🐕 didn’t they go through all those emails? And they found nothing. If they actually found something, they would have bothered building a case, but we all know that’s a whole lotta nothing
      As for the Trump texts, the timing is suspicious at the very least don’t you think

  7. Breaking news, the praetorian guard doesn’t want to be held to account for trying to auction off the empire to the highest bidder.

    1. maybe someone should explain to the Jan 6th committee clowns what the word SECRET means ? X-D

  8. The SS knows what they’re doing when it comes to IT technology. Either there’s a backup somewhere or what they destroyed was incredibly damning.

    1. @CynJ Williams I’m sure you don’t believe what you just said. The picture is clear enough for a blind man to see that those massages were removed to protect someone who they are supposed to protect

  9. The secret service

    “ We’ve given you all of the evidence that doesn’t incriminate us therefore we must be innocent, Since we deleted anything that proved otherwise you have to believe us”

  10. It does not matter if it was malicious or not….the fact is they were deleted…..that in itself is evidence that somebody or somebodies are hiding something. This is common sense. May they all go down by the swift hand of real justice.

    1. Maybe when justice comes for Lisa Page and the rest of the gang who wiped clean 2 dozen phones before handing them over to the DOJ inspector general using excuses of “I entered the wrong password too many times” or “my screens damage” or “it accidentally wiped itself”.🤡

  11. It doesn’t matter that they claim to be cooperating, it’s not cooperation if the committee can’t have access to what they need. It’s obvious obstructing.

    1. @Sticker Carlson I should not matter this much to you. You’re embarrassing yourself. Cope with that.

    2. @Killed The Cat I’m guessing with this heat, no air conditioning in your trailer rental and all that cat litter you’re too lazy to change, it must be miserable. lol Derpity derp derp 🐱

    3. @WE THE PEOPLE 🙌 Still not working for you, huh… You keep trying to call me “a Boo Boo Head”, but you keep having to come back, bc it’s not working for ya! Baby still don’t feel no better, huh? Sad boy.

    4. @Killed The Cat use disinfectant or you’re really going to have issues getting half your security deposit back. I’m sure you need that $100. Be best 😉

  12. Give me a break! The only explanation for deleting the texts is to hide the evidence. Hold them accountable.

    1. There are other reasons as well, the one they gave wouldn’t even be questioned if it wasn’t for the timing.
      A ‘faulty hardware update’ just happened to the requested devices soon after notice was received… yeah right!

  13. Director James M. Murray need to be held accountable for committing the crime of destroying government documents. EVERY CIVIL SERVANT KNOW THIS!!!

    1. @Killed The Cat no your just intentionally strawmaning my argument so you can feel fuzzy inside.

    2. @What’s Good My Guy trump was not elected in 2016 because people were upset with Obama. He won because of folks who were upset about Bernie, people who were anti Hillary and folks who felt empowered by his horrible rhetoric.

    1. Maybe when they hold Lisa Page and the rest of the gang who wiped clean 2 dozen phones before handing them over to the DOJ inspector general using excuses of “I entered the wrong password too many times” or “my screens damage” or “it accidentally wiped itself”.🤡

    2. @Harold Moore what do we know now that we didn’t know before? What has it changed legally about anything? It’s all here say.

  14. The Secret Service has expertise in recovering “deleted” data. I suspect they had to really make a special effort if the texts were made irretrievable.

  15. Anyone in The Secret Service who refuses to cooperate, should immediately be fired and investigated on criminal charges. A blind man could see the corruption here.

    1. @Thomas John Yup! I remember that. Yet no one was ever held responsible for that. James Clapper was never held accountable for lying to congress. No one is ever held accountable in either party so this handwringing about the secret services texts is kinda funny.

    2. @Jill Featherman you need a degree to compare Hispanics to tacos? 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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