Jan. 6 Committee To Request Some Republicans' Phone Records To Be Preserved 1

Jan. 6 Committee To Request Some Republicans’ Phone Records To Be Preserved


Garrett Haake reports that "the House select committee investigating the January 6th attack on the Capitol is preparing to ask telecom companies to preserve the phone records of several Republican members of Congress."
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    1. @Jock Young: I think most of them DO support the Hill Police. Only small percentage don’t (the extreme right wing, white nationalist fascists).

    2. @RTHU RITUS Lets all hope for the latter. I am holding back a bottle of Crystal for the day they announce Trump’s death.

  1. There’s a reason Kevin McCarthy and Gym Jordan were fighting this so hard.
    And they say the taliban are the real “threat to our democracy.” 🙄

    1. @Brian Jones
      Those fascists died long ago gramps.
      You already screwed up on January 6th with your destruction of the Capitol.
      How old are you gramps?

    2. I hate to break it to you but biased politicians who hate right wingers are NOT better at objective investigations than the FBI.

  2. — Dear Holmes, what is this howling is heard on the moor?
    — My dear Watson, it is the GOP howling when they learned that the House select committee investigating the January 6th attack on the Capitol is preparing to ask telecom companies to preserve the phone records of several Republican members of Congress

  3. I’m seriously considering sneaking into Canada. The USA has become a scary place to live. The stupidity is out of control. I heard about a nice trailer park in Nova Scotia. Great people from what I understand.

    1. @Bernice Mcnutt
      If it would’ve been in the past four years you would’ve had to pay Trump a healthy some for help!

  4. I am going to sit on my couch and enjoy every single public hearing to see how they splutter, stutter and rant. Then cry.

    1. @Carin Somers yes i agree with you, these trolls ruin everything! I am so glad you dropped by i feel so much safer now!

  5. It would be entertaining like when JORDAN was questioned….ah ah i spoke to him all the time but i dont know when how and what but we talk all the time hahahahahah NERVOUS Much??!!

  6. I guess this is why Gym Jordan is suddenly remembering the “several” phone calls he had with Failed Coup Donnie on January 6th.

  7. Sleight of hand by “News Media” when ever their affiliated party has problems, they put something up about the other. FOX, MSNBC, and CNN are all trash. Report the news. I don’t care if it is about Trump or Biden. Hold these politicians accountable. Stop trying to act like both parties are not guilty of not caring about the American people.

  8. “Preserving” means absolutely nothing. It’s been 7 MONTHS since the insurrection and so far, the Dems have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it except talk. That’s a fact.

  9. Biden refers to one of his senior black advisors (former Louisiana Congressman, Cedric Richmond) as, boy, during a FEMA briefing. His racism is showing.

  10. they should to simply expose why the Senate Republicans wanted nothing to do with this investigation. This is who we are.

  11. People here blaming on republican and Gym Jordan but don’t want to know the real reason is biden is with the Talibans side

  12. Yeah maybe 81 million people should dump their records on this sham committee.
    If they are kept busy maybe they will not have time to do any more damage.

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