Jan. 6 panel presses GOP Rep. Loudermilk over tour of US Capitol on Jan. 5

The House select committee investigating the January 6 insurrection said Thursday it has evidence that GOP Rep. Barry Loudermilk led a tour of the US Capitol complex the day before pro-Trump rioters stormed the building, according to a letter requesting the Republican lawmaker's voluntary cooperation with their ongoing probe. #CNN #News


  1. First, they lie, insist they provided “no tours,” and then Loudermilk goes on to say he only gave a tour to church goers and children….you know, like what a liar would say.

  2. He gave a tour huh, that’s how those Trump supporters knew where to go in the capital on January 6th.

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  3. I can remember that there were several Congressional members talking about how they were concerned about seeing congressmen giving people tours of the capital. It was an oddity since the capital was supposed to be closed to tours due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. These congressman broke procedures to allow people in the capital when all of the Federal Government was closed to the public still.

    1. Loudermilk typifies GOP congresspeople: Not being able to articulate their thoughts sensibly. I’m a musician, so I hear things in voices that perhaps most others don’t hear. When I hear people like MTG or Jordan or Trump Jr speak, … I hear confused, nervous and obfuscating sounds. It’s deeper than just words & phrases.

  4. Tours where heavily restricted during the pandemic …. have these talking heads forgotten ???
    He also said on the radio HE DID give a tour … now he is saying there never was a tour… who needs video… he admitted it on the radio ????

  5. Republican lies. . . News at 11 “I never gave a tour to anybody” “oh you mean those dozen people”

  6. Some members of Congress had their alarms disconnected. Somebody was in there 🤔. Also, when this first got out it was stated that their were no cameras?

  7. What you guys did not mention about the tours were yes, people asking their representatives to provide tours of the capital are relatively commonplace but at that time, because of covid, the capital and the rest of the government buildings were CLOSED at that time to the public. Why wasn’t that fact mentioned?

    1. @Derrick Wolters  @Amy Walton : Uh, no… it wasn’t mentioned at all. I was wondering why it wasn’t mentioned as I watched it. Reading your nonsense I rewatched it, and there’s no mention. At all.

      So no. Feel free to offer a time in the video where you two hallucinated them talking about the building being closed to tours.

      In fact, Lemon literally said a couple of times that giving tours wasn’t unusual (with Honeig and SC nodding along to that assertion), and Honeig said that people “do give tours all the time.”

      We also have them talking about how Loudermilk was very direct in his assertions, but we ALSO have them pointing out that he has both said he gave NO tours AND directly talking about tours. Which means we know to some extent he was lying, which isn’t exactly “direct.”

      This was just all around embarrassing for CNN.

  8. Ahhh the evidence…embellishing lies. Liars lie about lying about their lies. Republican/Liar …. no in between.

  9. The capital was CLOSED FOR TOURS at this time, due to covid. If they gave tours, for SURE they knew what they were doing, and for what purpose.

    1. But in “Mars Attaqus” 1996 with J Nicholson as President …. ONE night an adviser ( Like Joe Freizer from NBC Fraier ) allowed a young woman ( girl ) to come inn D C , and she turned to be en elienn , she did bait from him a whole finguer : i hope Sawannah Sellers will NOT bait Joe Freier because sometimes they work toguether on NBC News morning …

  10. It sounds like the very person or persons that gave the tour(s) were also the same people that “reviewed the tapes and said NO tours were given I would bet these tapes “disappear”

  11. But tours were closed to the public due to COVID-19… House and Senate Staff were barely in the building from 3/2020… Members almost NEVER give tours. This is fishy fishy fishy.

  12. I’m sure there were more than this “one” tour, that they’re denying …. but then they’re not

  13. How scary, Loudermilk helping insurectionist giving reconnaissance tours, where offices are etc. Has the FBI done facial recognition on these tours?

  14. Why does he say anything of “they were safe?” Was there a concern of safety? Interesting after the fact word.

  15. The CAPITOL was under quarantine and closed at the time. A “showing around”…..should not have been permitted.

    1. Because the Capitol was shutdown due to the raging Covid Pandemic, Loudermilk gave a tour. – LMBO.

  16. He also said there was no “reconnaissance” Tours given – the House Select Committee never said “reconnaissance” tours – they only said tours. Freudian slip?

  17. Maybe it USED to be “not unusual” to give tours of the Capitol, before Covid. But in January 2021, the Capitol was closed to tours, bc Covid.

    1. That is why the tour grabbed the attention of a congresswoman. She stated the oddity of the tour days after the 6th.

  18. Giving a tour in the middle of a pandemic the day before _everyone_ knew something big was going to happen is too fishy to be an innocent act.

  19. This senator was basically giving the insurrectionists guidance on how to find his colleagues. If that’s not treason I don’t know what is.

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