Jan. 6 Riots Response Showed 'Structural Issues' With National Guard Authorization At Capitol 1

Jan. 6 Riots Response Showed ‘Structural Issues’ With National Guard Authorization At Capitol


Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett (D-VI), who served as a House impeachment manager, joins Andrea Mitchell during a break in the joint hearing of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and the Rules and Administration Committee into the January 6 Capitol attack. Rep. Plaskett tells Andrea that the law enforcement response to the riots revealed "structural issues," with how the National Guard is authorized to report to the Capitol. Aired on 02/23/2021.
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Jan. 6 Riots Response Showed 'Structural Issues' With National Guard Authorization At Capitol


  1. Trump knew through the VP Secret Service and his Secret Service that Pence was in imminent danger…and did absolutely nothing.

    1. @joe ressa yeah…sure…she should’ve fought off all those f’ing moronic trumpeter trash with an AK47 and pile of grenades. I’m always amazed at the right-wing idiots who find their way to the “fake media” to whine like little girls.

  2. Sen Hawley: “I applaud the brave men and women of the Capitol police, in the face of a dangerous, violent, and provoked mob.”
    Capitol police: 🙄🙄🙄

    1. Hrm? Oh. Nah. She’s talking about the hella weird jurisdictional problems between the District of Columbia and the State of Maryland, not the composition of the insurrection mob.

  3. I was stunned when I heard the reports in real time that the National Guard deployment was being denied. I saw also that states were offering but that was being denied too.

  4. Everyone who entered the capital is guilty of the murder of a police officer. Just like if a getaway driver for a bank robbery is charged even if all they do is drive.

  5. PPL ARE FORGETTING TRUMP changed ppl in december and put acting ppl in…/ where were all these ppl and what were they doing…who could activate the guard..and why did it take sooo long

  6. DT sat in the White House, and watched the vio.lence that unfolded on our nation’s Capitol for at least two whole hours, without doing anything, and without saying a word, other than to blast his own Vice President, who eventually had to flee for his life.

    The truth of the matter is, if he had not filled his followers heads with lies for months, and if he had not held that rally, where he instructed his followers to march to the Capitol and fight like he// in order to “stop the steal” the insurrection never would have happened. Because without the use of vio.lence, how else were they going to stop the so called steal?

    The election was over. The only thing that remained was for Pence to count and certify the electoral votes. So the only thing they could’ve been fighting for, was to bring a stop to the counting of the electoral votes, which would officially certify Biden as the next democratically elected president.
    And vio.lence was the only option they had left. DT had already exhausted every other legal and illegal option. So on January 6, the vio.lence card was the only card he had left, and he played it.

    The insurrection was Trump’s revenge against democracy and our Constitution.
    It was his way of getting back at everyone who refused to violate our Constitution on his behalf. Watching his followers storm the Capitol while wearing his hats and waving flags emblazoned with his name, was the greatest day of his presidency. He had never felt more like the dictator he’s always wanted to be than he did on that day. And he reveled in it.

    1. Absolutely correct. Anyone should be able to connect the dots. Except GOP senators who put allegiance to trump over country. One of the saddest days in our country’s history.

    1. Donnie unloaded his diaper on our constitution. And shows no regret for soiling our nation. If people still support him, move to a country under authoritarian rule, then let us how that goes.

    2. @Vital Signs Listen up, loser: you had four years with Trump and if you didn’t get what you wanted, then it’s because Trump was a failure who never delivered what he promised. Tough titty for you, huh? Today, the libs are in charge and nothing you say or do will change that fact. Now eat it… raw.

  7. During the siege Lindsey Graham was flapping around. One of the female senators told him to shut up, according to Jonathan Swan.

  8. Future DOJ AG, Merrick Garland will follow-up thoroughly with attentive oversight on all cases presented that results “ACCOUNTABILITY” for all who participated at the USA Capitol attack on JAN 6th 2021.

  9. After Trump was informed of the rioters shouting “hang mike pence”, he did nothing, but instead, he called other REPUBLICANS “continue the fight” and Rudy Called one of Republicans to try to overturn the election result.

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