1. When the world takes a look back at the history of this nation they’re going to wonder how such a deeply flawed man was permitted to do the damage he did.

    1. @Kevin Smith yes, their you go. Quit listening to Trump since he killed 4+ hunert thousand peeps. Finally you get it

    2. @Shane Burkhart No, you didn’t. The total is 400,000 dead under Trump. That is the number you reported. It would have been 250,000 if you had taken off 150,000.

    1. @Eric F Trump did lots of things wrong. But he didn’t incite what happened on January 6. And Pelosi’s decision to keep the videos away from the public indicates she is hiding something.

      If Trump had incited an insurrection, there would have been hundreds of thousands of people there. And they probably would have had actual guns.

    2. @Luke_SkyWanker Pelosi is a power and money hungry aristocrat who thinks you and I are serfs. If you being dead suited her purposes, you would be dead. The woman is a monster.

    3. @DancesWithBears But Donald (The Saint) Trump is actually the True Jesus, right? And he and his henchmen (and henchwomen) just LOVE us all so much that we’re cherished by Trump and the extended Trump (Crime) Family. I’m so glad you told me this! Otherwise, I would have never known. So, since you mentioned not caring about the dead — why did Trump continue LYING ABOUT COVID even after more than a half-million Americans were dead because of it?

    1. @maria schultz You are on a platform where no one gives a F*** about your conspiracy theories. Head over to FOX news and play with your friends who are like minded idiots. You fit in there well and will receive better comments from your stupidity.

    2. @Crimdor Oh?? Did they now? Then you should post it. Otherwise, I’ll just think you’re another lying Republican Troll.

  2. Public trust in accountability and the rule of law needs to be restored. Too many of these felonious b*stards have been getting away with it for too long. Is that any example to demonstrate to our children??

    1. @DancesWithBears I read what you posted, you were wrong then, and you’ll be wrong again. Magats are not very bright


  3. It’s simply NOT OK that any of these agencies will refuse, or fight, requests &/or subpoenas for information. Simply put, this is OUR government, and we have a right to demand -and immediately receive- any information regarding an attempt attack or insurrection against our democracy. Period. It shouldn’t be a “protracted” battle to get hold of such evidence.

    1. Seracha Pepper – look it up.
      This “news channel” doesn’t allow links.
      It was reported on like 2-3 days ago.

    2. @DancesWithBears We have seen the videos, hundreds of them from all sources. Wanna link to Pelosi taking down every video of Jan 6th from the net and foreign countries records please. That would be most interesting. I just checked and there are millions of videos , both inside and out, what are you talking about? Oh are you one of those people from the reality where tRump wears a red suit and blue tie? Ie bizzaro world?

    3. @Seracha Pepper I didn’t say she took anything down. Good grief.

      Red suit and blue tie? What? Are you insane?

    4. @Crimdor That’s correct. Most links are not allowed on YT now. They are deleted or only the poster can see them.

      I mentioned this a few days ago and I was called a liar.

    1. Lol…This is a nothing court that has nothing to investigate. FBI already investigated and they are done.

  4. YES!!! Republicans will go down!! It will be Entertaining to see them squirm and panic! They’ll all start babbling nervously like Jim JORDAN…” I speak to Trump everyday a lot all the time blah blah blah!” hahaha NERVOUS??!

  5. If they don’t comply with the “request” please subpoena heads of departments and jail them. We don’t want sternly worded letters.

    1. It’ll happen. The universe works like that. I trust this committee will uproot the Trump cult-cancer that is festering in the Republican Party

  6. If they don’t give phone records upon request then charge them with obstruction of justice. They are White House officials and congressmen and women, not private citizens. If they wanted to private citizens then they shouldn’t have sworn an oath of office.

    1. What a joke.

      This is a hoax, as was admitted to by the FBI.

      You’re an imbicile if you think otherwise.

  7. “FBI finds no evidence Jan 6 riot was coordinated” – WaPo (Aug 19, 2021). No charges or investigation into alleged sedition or insurrection.

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