Jan. 6th Investigation Will Uncover The Truth Says Rep. Raskin 1

Jan. 6th Investigation Will Uncover The Truth Says Rep. Raskin

Rep. Jamie Raskin explains to Lawrence O'Donnell how the committee investigating the January 6th insurrection will find out "who organized it, who mobilized it, who financed it, how did they do it, why did they do it and are we still under threat today?"
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    1. @Margaret Nicol You’ll never rid of us unless you can kil us. We are the truth. We also will bring the pain!

    2. @Sun Dial Grow up! Obama didn’t create a traitorous insurrection, Trump and his minions did that.

    3. Yeah, the Republicans stance is we did heinous things…but we don’t want voters to remember and make us pay for it , by voting us out….MOFO PLEASE…And to the rest of us we are game, literally, depending on the sect….

  1. Everyone KNOWs who instigated the Jan 6th insurrection, terrorist attack .. the ones who were attacked as well as the attackers.. and yet .. the ONE person who bears the MOST responsibility .. tRump .. languishes in Magot Lago .. free to continue inciting more violence. He should have been indicted, arrested.. put behind bars pending trial .. then yes.. clean up all the rest of the slime involved …

    1. @Tony Barden Eventually, when it’s your candidate’s victory that’s stolen via election fraud, you too will be angry. Election integrity benefits all HONEST people regardless of party.

    2. @olecrowey I want to know which Congress Persons were working with the Traitors, who paid for it, and I want them held accountable also.

    3. You have x
      Zero proof. Only your emotional irrational opinion. Pelosi refused to provide more assistance 6 times. And there were MANY plants in the crowd who were not Trump supporters. Fact is, the vast majority of Trump supporters left the area when this mess started. I know this hurts, but you’re wrong.

    4. @Mick why i havnt heard someone paid for it.. i presume people made there way to the capitol on trains or drove there cars.. out of there own pocket..

  2. We see! We concur! We hear! Justice must prevail not only for the Capitol police, but for “Democracy.”

    1. Because of those brave and selfless police officers, hundreds of lives were saved and democracy prevailed… and Mango Mussolini’s coup failed.

    1. @LLC I’m not on your side. This committee needs to face consequences for their games. Pelosi is behind 1/6 and she needs to have a hard deth.

    1. @Adam : Coward. No one is afraid of trump’s shrinking Qult of Karens, but I’ve reported your threat anyway . . . You’re welcome

    2. @Adam : You know what we see, when we see your chain of butt hurt Karen Commentary? Impotent rage, son. You’re in pain. See a therapist? Or a proctologist?

    3. @Ash Roskell We are coming for your traitors. They will scream when they realize it’s too late. Get in the way. I dare you.

    4. @Sarah F. 4.2 You can’t hide forever Sarah. Don’t play tough games and then run. Stop unsubscribing me. You nervous?

    5. @Sarah F. 4.2 Stop running scared Sarah. What state do you live in Sarah F? Think I can find out what your last name is with a deep dive?

  3. Get ’em, Raskin.
    The Capital Cops saved the country. Saved the world.
    Now it’s time to find justice, and protect the future.

  4. Hey the bank manager invited me to rob the bank, it should be alright, he is after all the manager.

  5. An Act Of War
    To Over Throw Constitutional Law,
    Even With ROE Allowing Only Primitive Weapons,
    Is Still An Act Of War, And Thereby An Act Of Treason.

    1. That was the weekest attempt to over throw a government ever. These people who broke into the capital building did wrong. The ones who remained outside have done no more than bidens blm.this government on both sides of the isle better get there ducks in order because average America is going to vote these bumms out in the next couple of elections red and blue.

  6. The lie that is being perpetuated can not endure, lies never do. It will eat its self up from within. Vigilance.

    1. @Ash Roskell Our numbers are NOT shrinking. You should be very worried since you protect evil evil people. Our numbers are growing exponentially every single day. Your Mockingbird Media lies to you and they are going to get you hurt. You better wake up before it’s to late.

    2. @Ash Roskell “Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”…. that there is saying there were crimes, but were hiding behind intent as the reason we’re not prosecuting. All of trumps investigations are fines not crimes. He will not be locked up. Maybe fines if they find wrong doing. No matter how hard they’ve tried that’s all they could come up with.

    3. @Adam you are DELUSIONAL, the tRumpTURD base is shrinking because REAL Americans have changed party affiliation after tRump showed his TRAITOROUS side…

    4. @Me KroBar LOL. Trump’s under a dozen different criminal investigations, including election fraud, tax fraud, bank fraud, insurance fraud, wire fraud, and racketeering. And Sleazy Donald is the defendant in a couple dozen different sexual assault suits. He is the only President to be impeached twice, and the only president to have Senators of his own party vote him guilty. But you’re still crying “Lock Her Up.” Heck, even Trump admitted she’s no criminal after he took office in 2017. That was all just mudslinging to get you suckers motivated for his fake populism. The lesser of two evils was ALWAYS Trump. You just think he’s worthy because he’s a celebrity.

    1. I actually saw a Trump supporter that’s totally so clueless that they actually believe that the United States Supreme Court is where Articles of Impeachment charges are filed, it’s not, it’s the Senate.

  7. Congressman Raskin said it correctly..Trump fanatics will do everything to subvert the system to their advantage..that is why this committee hearing is important..the truth will come out for the American people to see the real story behind the insurrection..then decide who they want to elect as their future leaders..

    1. Don´t you already know the truth? From a foreign point of view this was Trumps Munich accept that he wasn´t there by himself. Maybe the new american Hitler was there and had his first impression that a overwelming white riot can do as they like. When the pictures came in that rioters left the place they tried to bring down half an hour ago – I thought that the USA aren´t great again. They f***ked. Trump is still on his way and those who set up the attack can tell their own narrative. Thats not freedom – this is how you set up for Faschismus.

  8. I like the fact that a rioter was arrested last week, and then another one yesterday. Any of you rioters who think you’re safe, guess again. It may take some time but the hangman will come for you.

    1. I agree, however it is more like the Tooth Fairy is coming for them what with the light sentences so far.

    2. @Rick Fry , The great part is that anyone who should be arrested, but hasn’t yet, must be freaking out every time someone knocks on their door.
      The paranoia must be consuming their lives!

  9. “Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!” LOL the insane man telegraphed it for miles!

  10. Take public testimony of just two other men: McCarthy and Trump. Then let Garland take over.

  11. Regardless of what Republicans say and do to interrupt the hearing The American people deserve to know that truth

  12. The USA must support evidential truth for the sake of her overseas democratic allies. This Trump coup attempt is ongoing and must be dealt with harshly.

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