Jan. 6th ‘Was A Trump Catalyzed Attack GOP Doesn’t Want To Investigate’

Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) discusses the next steps in investigating January 6th

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    1. @Jock Young Nope, Joe, and alot of racist southern dems are alive and well, and growing by the minute

    2. @American Bulldog Sour grapes, is your demtard butt sore, probably not, you are used to it by now, I’m sure. Funny, right.

  1. Trump was ordered by Putin to weaken America, and Trump has overdelivered for Putin and Russia.

    1. Ep. 1547 Dear Liberals, Get To Work! – The Dan Bongino Show
      The Dan Bongino Show
      Published June 22, 2021

    2. @Jasmany Foch Trump doesn’t need flashcards he has his whole bit memorized and repeats it over and over and over and over again. DementiaDonTheCon

    3. @Crimdor People who vote Democrat do tend to be more informed in many way’s, there’s nothing unusual about that. The fact that more than 20% of Republicans believe in Q is a fact everyone should be aware of.

  2. The GOP doesn’t want us to investigate THEIR Co-conspiracy and participation in this insurrection. The Truth will come out!

    1. @Dale Hartley I completely agree… Those who let that happen will also be on the wrong aide of history.

    2. @humbugs100 YOU are exactly what is wrong with America…..the bigger problem? There are many more or you!

    1. @Penny Sutch His endless “Hitleresque type division rallies from day one..I am positive were not only a record amount of rabid rallies by a president, but the tone was always (it’s us against them)..That is treason by a president of the US and WE need to insist that he goes to trial over this!

  3. We need out side commission. Republicans will make a clown show. Congress can’t find out about the outsiders that help fund the insurrection

    1. @Randall Marsh Why before 2022 or 2024?tRump will never be re-elected.President Biden got more votes than ANY president in U.S.history.Republicans also lost seats.And with the insurrection he has lost even more votes.The overwhelming majority of America has switched to Democrat.If you think tRump is re-electable you’re insane.Also we have Sheldon Whitehouse in charge of appointing Supreme Court judges now.You’re about to see a monumental transformation of power shifted in favor of the Democrat and Progressive Parties.Why are people so worried about 2022 and 2024?All we have to do is stop voter suppression and be sure we VOTE!!!

    2. @Bauhaus bauhaus “All we have to do is stop voter suppression” and that is the problem! If we can’t stop them from that in 2022 and 2024 they will have everything they need to finish what trump started.

    3. @Randall Marsh I think that guy is a troll. In another comment ge claimed The Dems lied about that covid-19 drug hydroxychloroquine. When everyone knows t rump was the one lying about it. I think trolls are trying to encourage complacency.

      I think you’re absolutely right: we can’t take anything for granted. No one is coming to save us. We have to save ourselves. Get a outside commission and stop voter supression.

    4. In Australia, anything important like that has NO government input, an appointee like a former top judge usually, forms a ‘Royal Commission’ and has subpoena powers to call witnesses (they MUST attend if called) and it’s done without the current sitting Government having any input, like Ministers asking questions or Members of Parliament asking (Senators/Congressmen/women in US equivalent).

      The report then outlines recommendations if any needed and also it’s just not things like this, it can be major criminal cases, can be like say, companies doing things wrong, etc. One of the most recent was an investigation into the major banks here, accused of money laundering, etc. and overcharging of fees, 4 major banks were called before the Royal Commission and had to answer questions, no such bullshite things like ‘pleading the 5th’ etc. Have to answer and those answers are fact checked.

    5. @Randall Marsh
      I agree, Garland is moving too slow or maybe not moving at all. It’s very disappointing to watch. But Garland isn’t icky Barr doing trump’s bidding.

  4. I trust Democrats to conduct a January 6th commission. Since the Republicans don’t want to participate.

  5. Anyone in Congress who doesn’t want all the facts to come out might mean many of them played a part in the terrorist attack & Republican’s will be shamed.

    1. @Julian Rivera 🤣🤣🤣 you can’t even defend against me… How in the world do you expect to defend an entire country? Do us all a favor a stay home playing video games or whatever it is you do. Also, thank you for proving my point.

    2. @Julian Rivera lol and this is why it’s too late to have any discussions. You think your information is correct and I can prove to you that it’s not. But 1) YouTube won’t even let me post the links on here to show you and 2) even if I did show you, you’d be too stubborn to realize you’re being lied to by your elected officials, big tech, and big business. Lmao later bro.

    3. @Dustin Mitchell first you will never be a bro second why do you think they don’t allow your link of misinformation you already have fox loan and newsmax where they don’t care about the truth. As I said come on down to Texas let’s see what you got.

    4. @Julian Rivera probably the same reason they wouldn’t allow a person to say covid came from a lab or that masks and lockdowns don’t work. But now they are switching up their stance on things now that they can no longer hide it from the public. History is littered with humongous scandals and terrible things done to lower and middle class ppl. They ALL started off with powerful ppl lying to the masses until they got caught. Why you think what’s happening now is any different, blows my mind. The democratic party has a notorious track record for constantly screwing over it’s supporters, sweeping it under the rug, and then offering y’all things that y’all believe are actually free 🤣. But you won’t take the time to look it up so it’s whatever…. “Bro”

    1. @Chaos the fund you are talking about helps pay bail for ALL low income people. All! How is that a fund for certain people? All poor people is the ONLY CATEGORY. nice spin you tried to use cultist lol

    2. @Scott Lancaster oh you looked at the Politifact one where they try to spin it that the thugs are victims. I bet you don’t give any of the January 6th lot that type of consideration. Fact!

    3. @Dustin Mitchell you school me😝😂😝😂😂keep trying your stupidity from fox loan and newsmax your so called news source and like I said BRING IT.

    4. @Chaos I’ve disliked Trump for years. I am a contractor and investor. I’ve been reading about his BS for years. He has screwed many people like me.

  6. Chump the coward said he was going to march with them to the Capital…. He didn’t… He lied…

    1. Yes he sure said that and while so many of his cult followers are in jail, which they deserve to be, Trumps free to continue his lying. What dummies they are

    2. It was like the old story about the French Commander who ” led” his men into battle by saying, In this battle, I’m your leader. I’m behind you all the way”.

    3. @Jill,
      Dolt 45 has been lying to them for over 4 years.
      Most aren’t smart enough to figure it out, and the others don’t care.
      Each of them rationalize an excuse for his behavior.

  7. People, if Republicans can’t get on board with a bipartisan commission for Jan 6th…….our democracy is already lost! This should’ve been a slam dunk, a home run and touch down? But instead the Republican party purposely missed the rim, struck out and fumbled the football!

  8. Republicans INSIST on a partisan investigation so they can scream..

  9. America, we were foolish to give this man repeated chances. He should have been removed in the first impeachment. Taunting your own Country IS a CRIME!!!

    1. Why should a duly elected president be removed just because the media told the sheeple he’s Hitler? Meanwhile no one is impeaching Biden for the same quid pro quo they accused Trump of doing. If Democrats weren’t twice as corrupt as Republicans then Trump would’ve never won.

    2. The GOP’s have guilty consciences. Dirty hands.
      Puppets on strings.
      Just like the insurrectionists posting what they did on January 06th.
      Word of mouth, social media, emails, etc.
      Leaks occur.
      Body language. The truth will come out.
      Josh Hawley’s fist bumping the crowd on January 06th.
      That was not a cheering on.
      It appeared to be more of, everything is according to plan.
      Let’s do it.
      Hawley was supposed to be inside the capitol for the counting and certification of the electoral college votes.
      Why was Hawley out by the mob?

    3. Common sense, Trump should’ve been removed the first impeachment, that shows corruptions of his enablers and GOP.

    4. @Klent Foster You have to selectively ignore, more than you can allow yourself to see in order to still hold this view. You and everyone like you are PT Barnum’s favorite kind of people…

  10. If the GOP doesn’t want an investigation into the insurrection, they may as well call themselves traitors to this country…..

    1. @Klent Foster and so DC police were attacked and provided very poor intelligence about the Jan 6th events. So is it for this reason you seem to be holding Democrats responsible for the inserection, or is it that maybe Italian spy satilites magically changed 7 million votes and so Trump won and in August will be restored to office by spontaneous acclaim.

    1. I’m sure those cop’s wives and children would say the exact same thing. So what’s the problem?

    2. @Dustin Mitchell,
      They would not say it with disdain like Dolt 45 did.
      Dolt 45 also said that people injured in the line of duty are suckers.
      Pretty sure the families didn’t say that either.

  11. It shouldn’t matter what the GOP wants. It matters what the people want. The people want accountability. And they want it now.

    1. @Turd Ferguson very simple. Over the last 5 years more than 100 fake investigations that were nothing but witch hunts. Democrats are liars and criminals and although they found absolutely nothing in those 100 investigations they found nothing but they used all of them for propaganda purposes to fire up the stupid and uneducated. I’ll bet it worked on you.

    2. @Jim Fisher Question… What would you consider to be hard evidence of wrong doing by a Republican or Trump? What would make you say, hmmmm… maybe we should investigate our own party? What would it take to make you say ok…. maybe that story is not fake news. For example… My opinion of something I believe that was a legitimate flaw in the Democratic side is that Twitters fact checker has a biased left leaning. Your turn.

    3. @Some Guy absolutely. The Republicans didn’t prosecute Hillary and numerous other Democrats who obviously committed crimes. Those people should be investigated and if any evidence of of a coverup, they should be prosecuted.
      And yes, Liberals love to violate the 1st amendment.
      2nd Amendment
      4th Amendment
      5th Amendment
      6th Amendment
      7th Amendment
      8th Amendment
      10th Amendment
      11th Amendment
      12th Amendment

      And we know they hate the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments as they fought them tooth and nail.

  12. Trump literally put Americans at war with other Americans. His party is willing to give him a pass and ask for your vote.

    1. @Dustin Mitchell
      Are you deef? The one thing I do know about leadership is, when a team is performing below expectations, they don’t fire the team, they fire the coach. Again, If crew morale on a ship is deficient, they don’t replace the crew, the captain is replaced. In other words, the boss is always at fault.
      Anything that occurs during a president’s term in office is his fault, both good and bad. That being the case, Trump is at fault for everything; It’s lonely at the top.

    2. @Big Earl I agree completely. But what do you do when folks don’t uphold the law or with the folks that have an inability to incorporate any new information into their perception of how the world really works? How do you have an adult conversation with someone who just calls you names and demeans you if you disagree with them? You literally can’t even have a debate with these ppl. And what do you do when half the country acts like this?

      As far as I’m concerned, they can believe what they want to and say what they want to… that’s their right. It’s never affected ppl with differing opinions up until now. NOW, these folks are taking away our freedom of speech, trying to take away our right to protect ourselves, censoring the information we see, teaching our youth to be racist, and throwing our hard earned money away on nonsense. Im starting to think it’s too late for discussion. Time to suit up.

    3. @Dustin Mitchell Suit up and do what? Start shooting? The free speech issue only covers the government. It does not cover Facebook, or Instagram. Those are private companies. We all sign an agreement to the terms of service. I’ve been to Facebook jail a few times. On the 2A question, fear of what the democrats will do is only making the gun and ammo people rich. The guns that we used to get hold of reasonably before the pandemic are only going to come down slowly. And we both know ammo prices are a joke. Remember when you could pick up an M48 for about $350? I remember when you could get one for under $100 dollars. Five hundred dollars for an SKS? That’s not the government; that’s greedy slugs trying to capitalize off of fear. Both parties will try to limit our access to certain firearms. But they are not stupid enough to try and have a total ban. I’ve read the second amendment over and over. There is nowhere in it that says what types of guns we can own.The part folks get caught up on is the shall not be infringed part. To be honest, the second amendment is written kinda poorly because it leaves so much to personal interpretation. But this crap about pistol braces, and 80% lowers is just stupid. Both parties try to appeal to our emotions on this issue. As far as teaching racism, the United States had been teaching and practicing racism since it was created. Where is racism taught the most? Right at home. You learn it from your own social group, parents, internet, etc.
      You said that people won’t have an intelligent conversation anymore with you. So do we start shooting now? Correct me if I’m missing your point on suiting up.

    4. @Big Earl lord no. I will not be shooting anyone lol. But it wouldn’t be a dumb idea to prepare and not be caught with your pants down. I agree with a lot of the points you’ve mention. Private business has every right to run their business how they want to. But my concern is are they still a private entity? For example, it’s come out that Fauci and the CDC collaborated with facebook to censor the misinformation posted regarding covid last year. Turns out that the “misinformation”is looking more and more like it was accurate information in regards to the origins of it, effectiveness of masks and lockdowns, and the actual number of ppl killed by the virus (they manipulated the numbers). This is a valid question and ppl deserve to know since a lot of ppl have lost everything over this. Also, is Facebook still a private entity if they censor one politicians accurate statements but allow other politicians continue to spread misinformation? That’s a huge one that new studies show it may have influenced up to 6 million ppls decisions on who they voted for. It was something like 6-10% percent of the ppl that voted for Biden would not have voted for him had they known about him and his sons dealings with the Ukraine. If that’s true, that means Biden loses. So with all that said, it seems to me like Facebook is just operating as another extension of the government. And if they are operating as another extension of government then that opens them up to adhere to all kinds of rules and regulations. What’s your thoughts?

    5. @Big Earl and another point… Racism is no longer just being learned at home. Schools are cramming this crap down their throats. Ppl pulling their kids out of public schools left and right because of it. So I’m just noticing that certain types of ppl keep slowly chipping away at our freedoms. Where does it stop if it ever does stop?

  13. We should be grateful for Officer Fanone. He not only stood against the wrath of the DJT insurrection but he still fights for accountability and justice. Thank you sir.

  14. *We MUST be OUTRAGED at REPUBLICANS!* When we don’t address a problem, we repeat the problem. The GOP are acting like spoiled rotten kids! Well, that’s it. They ALL act like Trump!

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