January 6 Committee Seeking Evidence Of Planning Months Ahead Of Riot 1

January 6 Committee Seeking Evidence Of Planning Months Ahead Of Riot


Bennie Thompson, chair of the House Select Committee on the January 6th Attack, explains to Rachel Maddow why some of the committee's document requests go as far back as April 2020. 

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  1. Oh how sweet the irony, if a man of color is one of the main initiators that sends Trump and all his minions to jail!!!

    1. I hope you’re not dumb enough to believe this MSM/Democrat garbage…but you probably believed Muller would find something on Trump also…

    2. @maria schultz I give up hope that you possess the critical thinking skills to recognize that Mueller (please correct your spelling) declined to exonerate trump. I suggest you look at the recent judicial judgement on the lawyers who tried to overturn the elections through court cases in different states. They are in deep sh.t and justifiably so. In other words, unless you are as “dumb” as your comment suggests, you will research the actual facts before you post comments that are quite embarrassing for you. Then again, perhaps that would be beyond your capabilities.

    1. Connect those dots . . . Find evidence of conspiracy . . . Add 20 years of Federal time for each act . . . Do not pass Go!

    2. @Bryan The FBI is corrupt. We’ll deal with them later. Until then, none of their statements are valid.

    3. @Susan Kay the FBI determined that there was no coordinated effort amongst the protestors. this is nothing more than another political fishing expedition to distract you from the absolute disaster that is joe biden.

    1. @maria schultz
      Pass the LYSOL and horse medications magat yall ignorant GOP fools need education and mental health care not guns and walls

  2. I remember on TV Trump was asked if you lose will you concede . He said “we’ll see”. He had no intention of respecting the American voters?

    1. @Susan I heard just this morning there was only 1500 Americans left in Afghanistan and were still there getting people out. So how did Biden leave THOUSANDS.

    1. @Origami Mambo Biden got 10 service members killed today, you still think he’s doing a great job? You might ne the one in the cult.

    2. @L Jacobs Who was killed by Trump supporters? Over 2 dozen people were killed at the BLM and ANTIFA riots supported by you Democrats.

    3. @Teh Cy i shed a tear over the latest terrorist attack in kabul. i am sure will jump for joy once cnn and msnbc scramble to pin this disaster on trump…. it’s a sad day indeed.

  3. So many ppl he appointed & chose need to be investigated.
    Dejoy. Supreme ct judges(why did T stop the fbi investigation?)
    Everyone he appointed as acting ……

  4. It doesn’t take that much memory to know that Trump was setting up a similar scenario, in case he lost in 2016. Loser Trump said back in 2016 that if he lost in 2016 it would be because the election was rigged. Considering Trump’s historically low approval ratings for four solid years, it seems likely that Trump spent the next four years plotting a coup to reverse his likely loss in 2020.

    1. @Jason R i do not hate america rather i hate what the Dems want to do with it. open borders, defunding the police and betraying the military. as a result we have uncontrolled chaos at the border, record crime across the country and we have just witnessed the latest attacks on americans in kabul.

      well done biden and the dems – you got what you wanted.

  5. He laid the groundwork long before January 6th by saying both that he would lose only if the electon was rigged AND that he`d see if he`d accept the results as if he was king. Now he`s just a second-rate, loser, ex-president.

    1. A loser MSM talks about daily and we all still wait for him to be arrested this week from NBC sources. Right ?

    2. @Masonic Puppet
      How’s that whole locking Hillary up thing going? You losers have been talking about that for 5 years…

    3. @Masonic Puppet His stench lingers. We still talk about Hitler too. It’s not just NBC. If he gets arrested it shouldn’t surprise considering all his legal issues. I wish him “the best”! He’s gonna need it.

    4. @Daniel Wiese He won’t be arrested and your hero Brian William’s won’t tell you that. You still Cuomosexual to ?

    5. @Masonic Puppet That remains to be seen. The people you mentioned aren’t my heroes. You don’t know me anyway so there’s that too.

  6. The forecast comes true: “Corruption within the US government will be uncovered.”
    This one refers to Trump and his Republican supporters in Washington, either planning or assisting the insurrectionists and also doing other bad things to undermine American democracy, such as suppressing voting rights for specific groups of people, based on racist attitudes.

    1. FBI said there’s no evidence of an organized attack. People are only getting arrested for trespassing and disorderly conduct. They’re only putting out these video’s to make the liberals happy.

    2. @tyler veitch The FBI didn’t investigate the House and Senate. You’re referring to their investigation into the right wing militias that descended onto the capitol.

    3. @Yanski Arbuckle I hate to admit it, but you are right. I remember the 2000s being the era of the highly corrupt war mondgering, coperate loving Republican asshats and now the Democrats are out Republicing the Republicans on every single level. If I had to choose one party at this moment, it would be the Republicans. If you told me I would be saying this just 6 years ago, I’d laugh at you, but here we are.

    1. What were their intentions?
      Copied and shared

      Remember in 2011 when tens of thousands of Democrats surged on the Wisconsin Capitol building in Madison and physically occupied it for more than two weeks? We were told, “This is what democracy looks like.”

      Remember in 2016 when Obama was President and hundreds of BLM blocked interstate highways and violently accosted police (even killing several)? We were told, “To assign the actions of one person to an entire movement is dangerous and irresponsible.”

      Remember in 2018 during the Kavanaugh hearings when a mob of Democrats stormed the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington, DC, and pounded their fists in rage on the door. We were told, “It’s understandable.”

      Remember this summer’s riots in major cities across the country when groups of Democrats marched in the streets, set buildings on fire, looted businesses, assaulted and even killed bystanders and police? We were told, “These are mostly peaceful protests.”

      Remember when Democrats seized several blocks of the Capitol Hill neighborhood in downtown Seattle, declaring it an autonomous zone? Remember the guns and deaths and utter destruction? We were told, “It’s a block party atmosphere.”

      Remember when a crazed mob gathered after the Republican National Convention and attacked Rand Paul, a sitting U.S. Senator? We were told, “No justice, no peace.”

      Remember how police were told to stand down, governors refused to call in the national guard, and Democrats paid bail for violent protesters who were arrested? We were told, “This is the only way oppressed people can be heard.”

      I have condemned violent protests and lawlessness every single time they’ve been reported. I condemn the actions of those who stormed the Capitol yesterday. But I refuse to condemn hundreds of thousands of peaceful protestors because a handful (70 arrested) chose to be lawless and to defy everything the vast majority of the crowd stood for. Conservatives are defenders of the Constitution, the police, and the rule of law. Because a relative few people decided to do something stupid doesn’t nullify the concerns of the many.

      The real culprit here? The mainstream media has been telling us for years that violence is the only way people who feel oppressed can be heard, it’s the only way to get justice, and this is what democracy looks like. Apparently, a few who were in the crowd on Wednesday listened to them.

      The inflammatory rhetoric of the Left caused this, and it’s about time Democrats and the mainstream media took responsibility for dividing Americans and attempting to humiliate those who support the President or any conservative ideals. They have pushed people to the brink, even while claiming, “It’s time for unity.” It’s time for careful reflection and change on all sides. God help us!

      America we are headed for hard times especially with this new government leadership coming into office and I use the term ” Leadership” very loosely. Pray for America. Copied.

    2. @Freedom0103 Freedom0103 I cant believe Putin arrests political opponents, that would never happen in my america!

    3. @Freedom0103 Freedom0103 You poor thang, I feel your pain trumpie. It must be stressful watching poopy pants donnie disaster getting kicked to the curb. Do you need a hug sweetie, some tissue?

  7. I get the feeling Liz Cheney is going to be the toughest bulldog in this investigation. She wants to take down the trumpubliqanon cult out of her party and restore the Republican Party cleansed of the trump cult of craziness.
    She’s determined to restore the Republican Party

  8. I bet a lot of people are getting nervous about this. As they should be. The loser ex president is going to use some of those donations to help with his legal fight.

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