January 6 hearing includes testimony from Ivanka Trump, Bill Barr | USA TODAY

January 6 hearing includes testimony from Ivanka Trump, Bill Barr | USA TODAY 1


  1. The vendetta continues: Federal law states: Must be a US citizen at the time of casting a vote in the elections
    Must be at least 18 years of age at the time of casting your vote
    Must be in possession of a valid ID card
    Must meet all stateā€™s residency requirements

    1. Bye bye Ukraine, bye bye Europe, bye bye USA, bye bye NATO, bye bye Dollar. Now Russia will speak, you will listen. Russia Power. Putin best of the best. šŸ‡·šŸ‡ŗšŸ‡·šŸ‡ŗšŸ‡·šŸ‡ŗ.

  2. Democrats, plutocrats, and globalists oh my! Democrats, plutocrats, and globalists oh my! Were off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz.

    1. @Quin
      The entire thing was edited by a producer from GMA. The same one who sat on the Weinstein rape allegation story.

      Itā€™s a big joke farce. Itā€™s cringe.

    2. @Quin
      Yes, the opening vomit sandwich by Liz omitted the end of Trumpā€™s speech that day, even tho it was on the screen behind her. Guess what those ending words were ā€¦


  3. So where are the rating numbers for the first night of this farce? Can’t seem to find them. If Americans gave a crap and watched this dog and pony show, the media would be reading the ratings every minute today. I watched hockey. Something tells me I’m not alone. November can’t come fast enough.

    1. @Peter Parker um….no. You’re comparing apples to bowling balls and finding a match, Einstein.

  4. You know, if I have a rift w/ my significant other, and I go point fingers and say, well, at least I’m not like so and so…look how evil HE is! How would my significant other feel? Loved? Respected? Would she feel I’m responsible?

    If I’ve also had an abusive history with her (I beat her for example), and I STILL say, “Look at how EVIL THAT guy is (instead of me.)” How would she feel? If you were her friend, how would you feel about me? Am I a good guy?

    Example of abuse: $6.39 per gallon for gas, ANTIFA/BLM burning cities for 3 months, accusing others, illegal immigration, inflated grocery prices, cheating in an election, HIGH CRIME, looking at others instead of looking at self and taking responsibility.

    Acts 2:40 Save yourselves from this corrupt generation. Acts 2:38 is how.

  5. show trial

    aĀ trialĀ organizedĀ by aĀ governmentĀ inĀ orderĀ to have anĀ effectĀ onĀ publicĀ opinionĀ andĀ reduceĀ politicalĀ opposition, and not inĀ orderĀ toĀ findĀ theĀ truth

  6. So, essentially, there’s nothing new here except some video footage? What the hell is this charade about?

  7. What a disaster of a committee to work 2 yrs on that bs 5 minutes of work that someone else did šŸ¤£

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