January 6 Police Testify That Riot Was A Terrorist Attack 1

January 6 Police Testify That Riot Was A Terrorist Attack


Four police officers who faced the pro-Trump riot on January 6 testified to the Jan. 6 House Select Committee about the violence, psychological abuse, and racist attacks they suffered from insurrectionists on that day. Jacqueline Alemany, Jeremy Bash, and Dr. Irwin Redlener join to discuss.
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  1. my hope is that trump and rudy get called by the committee for questioning for 11 hours straight

    1. @gary quarty They have subpoena power compelling them to testify. And don says if one has nothing to hide, they have nothing to worry about !

    1. @Richie Tattersall You forgot that people are currently fleeing red states, in order to go live in blue states. Salute!

    2. @Maire Donovan I don’t know why I hate Trump, I just do, ugh. I just cannot with these Rethuglikkkons, they are too negative, ugh.

    3. Amanda… What about the Black cop that Shot a white woman to death for being White should he be locked up?

  2. Those SOBs, there was a lot of love. Trump did this, along with his GOP brown nosers. These criminals must be held accountable.
    Our democracy must survive and become stronger.

    1. @Margaret Nicol Yes they did. The officers on duty that day were subjected to combat conditions. A day which should have flowed smoothly at the Capitol was wracked with violent battle. The people who defended our Capitol deserve full veteran’s benefits, in my opinion. AND medals for heroism, too!

    2. @kathleen mcallister Check the filed police reports on that ! That and the police station that was set aflame, and the car dealership in Wisconsin. All had cameras operating and captured film of the perps in action and were able to identify them and then arrest them, which they did. When arrested, they were Proud to say they were Proud Boys. They traveled from Texas and the East Coast , and met in Wisconsin. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. More to come. The tape of these actions can be found on u tube. The Wendy’s torching too ! Not BLM, or ANTIFA.

    3. @L.A. Thorne A few lone wolves, in separate instances, got over the fence to white house. Turned out they were mentally ill. None of them were with any group. Neither BLM, nor ANTIFA, ever attacked the White House. That, would have been front page and interuption of broadcasting material, as they would have been shot dead.

  3. Like the investigation into trump org and committee into riot…….all roads lead to citizen homie!!

  4. HA! Sure, Mitch was hard at work. Gimme a break. Working hard at being the victim and hiding in his shell. What a pathetic little man.

    1. @kathleen mcallister hey, karen, the world is flat. look it up yourself. my god, you are pathetic!

    2. @kathleen mcallister the lazy one is the one who makes a claim with no evidence, and then calls others lazy for not doing the research to prove their assertion.

  5. Republicans who said they are for conservative spending are creating huge expenses everywhere after all the chaos and lies they have spread. Maricopa voting machines have to be replaced, capitol security have to be upgraded, hospitals have to spend more on equipment and staff etc.

    1. @Poop Brain They’ve proven that they’re willing to take thousands of random American lives – like a gang of spree shooters in a shopping mall- to keep their private gravy train rolling. On OUR tax dollars! They must be stopped.

    2. Those machines should be replaced by ones not connected to the internet by a company with ties to Maduro

    3. @jabbermocky umm only one person died which was killed by a secret service agent who’s had a history of mishandling firearms.

      Contrast that with the deaths from the BLM riots all last year

    4. Cyber Ninja’s destroyed $6 million worth of voting machines during their ‘audit’, still no evidence of election fraud found.

  6. I still find it astounding that the police generally restrained themselves from not simply shooting the terrorists who were invading the Capitol building that day.

    1. ​@gary quarty When the MAGA terrorists breached our Capitol, shouting to hang our vice-president, they declared war against the United States. Treason during war is a capital offense. (punishable by death).
      When Ashley Babbit enlisted into our military, she took an oath to “defend the Constitution against enemies, both foreign and domestic.” She violated that oath and thus forfeited her life. The officer who shot her, was doing his duty, no less than she did when she served in the military. The violence surrounding BLM was opportunistic criminals, sociopathic LE officers and agents provocateur, having no connection whatsoever with the BLM protests. Overthrowing our democracy was the sole reason Trump’s MAGA terrorists were gathered in D.C..

    2. The police are who let them into the buildings. It’s all on video. They took down the barriers and waved them in.

    3. @l337pwnage it was plainly posted so all that entered are guilty of trespassing regardless of any police presence

    4. @Edward Cowan The police are the authority there, and if they let you in, they are giving you permission.

  7. Michael Fanone is obviously reporting the facts. The indignation is palpable and agreeably so. Glad these self-proclaimed patriots will have felonies for the rest of their lives.

  8. Why are we surprised by anything the Repuglicans do? They’re goal is to stay in power by any means necessary. They are no longer a legitimate party in our democracy.

    1. The coup by Biden was a success The only person that died was an unarmed Air force veteran Ashli Babbitt shot to death by a Black male cop simply because she was a White woman.

    1. That’s what I kept on thinking for the past four years while it was getting worse and worse. Madness became the new norm in the Trump era.

    2. @gary quarty wasn’t Biden’s coup, it was Trump’s, and that rioter was killed in self-defense, not cold blooded murder, which is what Trump’s terrorists were aiming for that day….

      These officers are true American heros, Trump is a true American disgrace and traitor….

  9. Cult45 is already calling them crisis actors. Seems this ‘back the blue’ thing isn’t going so well, after all.😒

    1. They are living in a state of ignorance and delusion. These men are not actors. We saw them in real time being attacked January 6th.

    2. They’ll have been very, very well briefed and will know exactly what to say and what not to say. You can count on that.

    3. @TheDiamond2009 They don’t need to be coached. What a wack thing to say. They lived it ! Anyone who saw the all the hours of video tape knows what happened. These guys are Hero’s ! And those who violently stormed our Capitol building, are terrorist Schmegmog.

    1. All it was ,was their opinions and crying because a hippy chick called them names. The only fatality was an UNarmed Air Force veteran getting shot to death by a Black cop simply because she was a White woman.

  10. Whoever is responsible for doing that to those men, deserves to spend their lives in jail.

  11. Moscow Mitch was busy trying to figure out how to protect his treasonous colleagues instead of watching the testimony today.

    1. @Merlin Mililli His line was trying to reverse the Hapsburg Jaw that in breeding causes. I think his family over corrected.

    2. Republicans were under the impression that police exist solely to oppress black and brown people. The sight of cops fighting back against a white supremacist terrorist attack enrages them.

    3. Blue lives matter to Satan. The Hebrew word Satan means Adversary or Accuser in English (police are secondhand accusers)

  12. When asked by a reporter, McConnell, “did you watch the testimony.”Hardly could he reply, shrug the question, and switched to break his coward misery. His attitude displayed such guilt and selfishness, demonstrating why this horrible man must not be in office another time around.

  13. After listening to these 4 Officers today it is now imperative that TRUMP be called to testify under oath and explain to us ‘all the Love that he saw’, and excuses are not acceptable…

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