1. *Due to the increase in population growth within the last couple 100 years I think we need to slow down on the amount of ocean life we consume by the masses.*

    1. ShoeNice Official Classic Uploads if population is a problem why is it encouraged to have babies in 3rd world countries and frowned upon in 1st world…. While th un and ngos are forcing 3rd world refugees into 1st world countries

    2. ShoeNice Official Classic Uploads you actually believe that? It’s been theorized that our population reached an unaccountable bracket that is beyond 10 or 11 billion somewhere around 2016.

    3. They should invest in far more fish farms. It would help with supply and demand, give jobs and leave whales and dolphins alone.

    1. @I am not politically correct! pirate corn is not sentient and are not part of the animal kingdom like we are. Cows have the same stuff you do. Brain, organs, blood. So it’s not unlike eating a human because they are in a coma so dont speak or have any kind of productive life.

      Comparing cows to corn is ridiculous. They share virtually nothing, unlike you do with cows.

    2. @SuperBoy Prime cows are made of the same stuff we are how is that ridiculous? They’re also part of the animal kingdom like we are? Are you still caught up and your cultural beliefs that your brain can’t discern basic facts? What is the difference between a cow skin and a skin of any other animal human or otherwise? What’s the difference in a cow’s blood versus your blood? What’s the difference in a cow’s brain vs your brain? I bet you anything I could probably give you many parts of a cow’s body and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between that and a human. So the idea of you saying the comparison is ridiculous is absurd. I was it ridiculous to compare something which is so alike that you can’t tell the difference? Again I could put cows blood in a container and you wouldn’t know the difference between that and a human. I could do the same thing with skin from a cadaver and from a cow and you wouldn’t know the difference. Now try that with a vegetable and see how ridiculous that comment before was

    3. Debate Me! My skin Is Much harder than a cows idk who the hell told you im human lmfao Im a higher life form than anything in the universe let alone the planet. Come back to me When a cow can speak and make money on its own idgaf about its body features

  2. Whenever they don’t have logical reason, they use culture card. Happens in India all the time! People give-up or amend so many things that their ancestors followed when it is not convenient for them, but when it is protecting ecology and environment, they point out what their ancestors did! So sad 🙁

    1. Abhinay You are SO on target. A lot of cultural practices make NO logical sense whatsoever and right away it’s “its tradition or our culture for hundreds of years”. Well we live in a new age damnit! Find another damn way! Women being killed by husbands and their own family for the most ridiculous of offenses, offending sensitive ego driven men, that do more in the dark than they whom they accuse! Indians still shitting out in the open because if they handle their waste by emptying pits and stopping diseases, they won’t progress in their next life and be judged but hundreds of thousands of helpless babies and children are flat out dying because of their Refusal to change their customs. How is saving their position in their next life, of which science has yet prove, by them not managing their own waste going to get them a better life after this one if that many are babies are dying because of their lame attempt at not having to handle waste? It makes no sense. How can one come back in a better life if in this one, one thinks their daughter isn’t a virgin and got to that conclusion by crude means, killed her only to find out they broke her hymen by force examination? That’s like saying if I murder someone, long as I bury them properly I will ascend higher in my next life because the got the latter right but the latter would not be need if the prior act was not committed or forgiven! Animals are such beautiful creatures! They have families and very much like humans in many ways. Many times I think animals ate more human than us at times. Humans have not gone extinct at the hands of the animal kingdom but many animals and plants have and still on their way out st our hands! And soon possibly this earth! I’ve seen whales knowing their being hunted devise plans on how to protect the babies and young by splitting up into groups. One group has the babies and a couple of adults leading them away from the hunters while the other groups swim in opposite directions and in circles hoping to buy time for the group with the young. Whales thought this all up on their own because they were being hunted. It worked until the hunters figured out whales were that smart and so they started using helicopters where they can see the groups from the air and which one was taking the babies away to safety. If that doesn’t make a hunter of whales think twice and want to stop this activity, then I see no heart and no empathy in him! It’s sad and sickening what humans will do to animals but should be no surprise when they treat other humans that aren’t like them without compassion or empathy neither. Usually in the name of money because then what’s the point. It’s a waste of energy and time but then again if that’s all you got and make a careers out of hate then they work day and night at hating and destroying.

    2. @Robert BlackfordInuits, both in Alaska and Canda take a very small number, less than a thousand Beluga whales a year. Their population of those whales globally exceeds 150,000. That’s a sustainable hunt by any definition. I don’t personally like the idea of killing any whale but the Inuits have, mostly, been very responsible in their whale hunting. They certainly do it for needed food not just out of the sheer hatred of all sea life some in Japan show.

    3. Ken, Agreed. I have no problem with sustainable harvest of Belugas or Minke whales. Last year the Inuits harvested Pacific Right Whales. Research those if you’re interested. There are fewer than 40 left.

    4. @Ken Shaw Actually, I didn’t leave it out, I put it in my first comment.
      The Framers had just fought a war against a standing army of a tyrannical government.
      They very much meant citizens, for else would make up the Militia?

    1. @ニシ階段 Nope, not a vege but no, the populations are still not stable, nor ever will be with industrialized, western whaling techniques used by the Japanese, then claiming eating the meat is tradition… then get out your traditional hunting techniques, boat/ship’s also.

    2. @해리케인 You are probably right about the “sinking” But it is the sins of ALL man that will burn the world.

    3. @BTS LIVE and they never really let go of the Imperialism that aligned them with Hitler… it is still a lesser known and active part of Japanese culture today. They are as guilty as the Chinese, who lead the world in how many of it’s own citizen’s it’s killed.

  3. The Japanese feel it isnt enough to poison the Pacific ocean. They feel the loving desire to make creatures in it extinct. real stellar.

    1. Mopsinda Charline
      That’s Japanese, they hate Chinese, South Korean’s success, including BTS. They do street protest against BTS with no apparent reason, fabricates Fake Story about them, yet trying to make Japanese boy group, exactly like BTS without success. 😂😂😂

      Killing 10 millions of innocent people is not enough, still acting ugly.

    2. @#原爆少年団 if they are hunting whales they shud be trashed bcuz they are trash! Along with any other country that does it

  4. I wish they’d stop whaling all together but if the oceans keeping getting more acidic the bottom of the food chain will die and the problem will go away along with most all of the animals. Hope you like jellyfish, folks!

    1. @younes jorge I know I’m speaking to a complete fkg moron here so I dont expect much of an answer if I get one at all but here goes. Racist against who??

    2. @Natasha Star
      The international whale slaughter society recommended slaughtering whales. Wow.

      The research consisted of? *Determining the value on the dock* No research done.

      Japanese generally hate whale meat.

    1. @Volkz VLOGS It’s different here. They are doing it in Japanese waters which means Sea Shepard, Greenpeace etc. can be stopped by military or coast guard vessels.

  5. Whale meat contains highly dangerously amounts of mercury. So have for that.
    So yeah, that so called “culture” will give you poison.

    1. this is only old “showa” traditionalist Japan doing this outdated crap. Younger generation dont even eat whales. first of all whales taste like crap and better sashimi out there like salmon/tuna… you know it could better, given that the older population taking up lots from national pension system. lol.

    2. @Sea mc
      you are correct, is the old baby boomers longing for the good old days when they were forced to eat this in their Bento boxes.

      Heavy metal, microplastics, dolphin and porpoise masquerading as whale, why does anyone in Japan buy it?

      They don’t.

  6. Hopefully the raw whale meat is now toxic enough to poison the consumers. The culture argument is total BS. You can use “culture” as an excuse to go back to eating the flesh of our tribal enemies to strengthen our spirits or some such nonsense as easily.

    It’s 2019 and there’s no need to hunt endangered species and they need to see it as wrong.

    1. Yeah, American Inuits use the culture card too. Americans kill whales too….and don’t give me that crap about how they have to kill whales as a food source. There’s plenty of other food in Alaska.

    2. @Robert Blackford Also Canada, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Indonesia, The Grenadines, South Korea etc all whale.

  7. *The whales will inflict their own just karma, poisoning with heavy metals all fool & cruel enough to consume them🤔*

  8. With this, commercial over-fishing, micro-plastic pollution and climate change… Our oceans are f***ed!

  9. This is outrageous whales and dolphins are supposed to be protected worldwide, Where’s Greenpeace and Sea Shepard and why are they not protecting these beautiful species from being slaughtered by these barbarians??, the Japanese say killing whales is for research, this is pure Bulls..t. Karma will get you

  10. “They say the sea is cold but the sea contains the hottest blood of all”

    D.H. Lawrence

    I am now of the profound opinion that humans, as a species deserve all the misery and doom climate change will bring in the coming decades.

    A fitting punishment for the rape and murder of our planet, especially in the last 200 years.

    We will reap what we have sown.

    1. The only thing wrong with your comment is you are too cowardly to go and do it, you’re just saying this cause it sounds cool.

  11. Killing dolphins and whales, the most intelligent species after humans…”brilliant”. This is the first time I wish someone was raided by pirates. Norway and Iceland do the same crap if not worse. This has to end!

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