Japan’s new H3 rocket fails in debut | FULL LAUNCH

Japanese controllers had to issue a self-destruct code to the country's next-generation H3 space rocket after a second-stage engine didn’t ignite.

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  1. North Korea needs to launch a rocket towards Japan in retaliation to these Japanese aggressions with their rockets.

    1. I don’t think anyone really cares about aggression towards north Korea lol, infact most would probably encourage it.

    2. @HeRo TuRtle No sarcasm, just pointing out the hypocrisy that when NK launches into space, Japan cries foul, when Japan does it, they expect the world to applause. Only difference is that NK’s rockets actually make it into space.

    1. JAXA officials apologized for the failure, and said it sent a command to destroy the rocket about 14 minutes after liftoff as there was no hope for it to complete its mission.

    2. The secondary rockets didnt fire so it couldnt generate the necessary thrust to reach escape velocity.
      Theyll get it sooner or later.

  2. Instead of “H3”, should have named it the “The Rammin’ Rocket”. It would have been an “instant” success! 😂

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