1. Brian Smith Yes. Get along to your idle worship rally. Remember: in a democracy you believe it or not. In a dictatorship you believe or ELSE. So make sure You cheer REALLY loud, with frequent outbursts of rapture. You wouldn’t want to end up covered in saw dust for bland perfunctory shows of adoration.

  1. When was the last time this administration even invited the Palestinian people to the table? They have been completely left out. This is all for the benefit of Israel.

  2. God damn, Kushner creeps me out. He’s looks dead in the eyes. He reminds me of Patrick Bateman from American psycho but more evil looking.
    Pompous Jackass!

    1. Femmie Bot I had just the same thing to a friend. Good Lord. His eyes are like Steven Millers. Dead. No soul. And that voice. Ugh! Creepy.

  3. Imagine putting in zero effort to get a high paying job that you have zero experience in, when someone who is more qualified isn’t chosen.

    1. Timmy, The Skull & Crossbones Bateman; with a choice of Icon such as yours, sir, your opines don’t carry much weight. Do appreciate you’re not hiding behind a fake moniker, as do so many. For that, I give you credit. Examples of other “tossers,” if you don’t mind sharing. No biases here! “Those who know only their side of the debate know little of that.” J.S. Mill is one of yours, Tim. Is he a tosser, as well, I wonder? Check out Dunning-Kruger Effect, while you’re at it, sir.

    2. After saving your shithole country Americans and allies gave Jews a final and forever home in Israel, who cares what england would say? Maybe worry about your next war its looking like youll be on your own.

    1. I had to laugh. Jared actually seems to think he knows more about the middle east than her. He must not even know who he is talking to.

    2. Paul Krueger Most supporters of “Palestine” know nothing of the history of the conflict. They’re just taught to hate Israel.

  4. The indicted and impeached stand together. What a pretty picture that makes for the world to admire – or throw up over.

  5. Kushner: “Palestinians have blown every opportunity so far”
    Yeah, that sounds like an impartial mediator.

    1. Emily Moss
      Was he lying? Yasser Arafat pulled out of a deal that gave them the temple mount in 2000, if you don’ t believe me then look at pres.Clinton who talked about the deal in a sit down at Georgetown univ.

  6. “To stop building settlements to allow the Palestinians their last chance if they want a state”. Yeah thats sound like a word from a noble fair middle man in a conflict.

  7. O My God, he’s so creepy, he just stared at the camera focused on his text to read … really stupid and psycho 🤭

    1. Total creep… Even his college graduating class wrote a rebuke when The Don appointed him…Could not get a security clearance until “dad” stepped in.

  8. “No other president could have accomplished this… Only my father in law who by the way gave me this job at the government and a fake security clearance.”

    1. neovirtuality what an entitled little prick. And both his father in law and his Daddy are cons. Daddy served time in prison and Chris Christy was the prosecutor who put him there. Ahhhh! The Family that “preys” together.

    2. He is a little biaaatch. Nepotism should not be allowed in tax payer funded government. Lucky little boy got a big boy job.

    1. The Thinker 😂😂😂
      Imagine being so brainwashed that you literally pray for nuclear war to start the 1,000 years of an anti-christ lead Hell on Earth…or whatever the crap these idiots learned from the Scofield bible.

    2. @M A frighteningly too many are on some religious suicide mission globally. Sounds like a billionaire created scheme to depopulate without birth control.

  9. Trump has done nothing but inflame the situation since taking office — just as with everything else – he totally lacks credibility to broker any “peace” plan in the Middle East – or anywhere else in the world.

  10. “Palestinians have “blown” every opportunity so far.” Very poor word choice 😂 Anyway, I have a bad feeling about all of this

    1. This press conference is a joke …. where are the Palestinians, the Egyptian and the Jordanians …. he brought in the representatives of three gulf states … why?

  11. “Blowing every opportunity they’ve had in the past”
    “stop posturing”
    “their last chance at a state”

    You expect them to come to the bargaining table with that language? Of course you don’t. If you were really trying to get them to negotiate you’d allow them to bargain from a position of strength and treat them with more respect. This is a farce.

  12. “I’ve been doing this for 3 years…”

    Christiane: “Well, I have decades of experience on following this issue…”

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