Jason Johnson: GOP's Response To Biden's Address Shows 'They Need To Figure Out What They Stand For' 1

Jason Johnson: GOP’s Response To Biden’s Address Shows ‘They Need To Figure Out What They Stand For’


The GOP and right wing media’s reaction to Biden’s address shows they need to figure out what they stand for, argues Jason Johnson.
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  1. Fore Thoughts: I came here for some Drama, do not Disappoint me News! (Edit) Please also tell me who to Hate, and How to Think! Thank You! I am a Sheeple!

    1. @darena12 You are literally a product of just what I said! The Lunacy is being so delusional you can declare people’s political parties. I am an Independent, and didn’t even Vote! I hate the Left and the Right! Look what you have done! I thought this was the News. But its a Liberal Mouth Piece obviously. Its not News…

  2. At the moment Republicans are in the back yard, pushing Cheerios into the ground and waiting for donuts to grow.

  3. If you raid a place and offered federal criminal evidence as a fbi agent to a open case do you accept or deny

  4. “I did the vaccine … they like to take the vaccine …” WTF does that mean, literally what is the semantic cadence of that? Is it mob speak … Queens speak? Trump’s COVID stewardship ended when he hired the Herd Immunity Guy Scott Atlas in Aug 2020 from there on out there was no COVID plan except to ask if vaccines would be ready before Nov.3rd. When he lost…nothing.

  5. Ted is sleeping because he does not care about America only himself. Kevin needs it in writing so he can read it over and over again to try and understand what is being spoken. These two and others like them are like toddlers – and their called leaders.

  6. Are we not defining how dangerous racism and fascism are. Should we not give light to how dangerous Tim Scott’s enabling and giving cover to racism is? Should people use old racist tropes against him, no. That being said, you know we black people gonna keep the “N word”…. so That’s uncle Tim.

  7. Look all over social media and you’ll find that about 85% of people thought it was complete rubbish. Fact!

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