Jason Johnson: If Trump Was Winning He ‘Would Be Doing Donuts On The WH Lawn’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Jason Johnson: If Trump Was Winning He ‘Would Be Doing Donuts On The WH Lawn’ | Deadline | MSNBC


Contributor at ‘The Grio’ Jason Johnson speaks to Biden’s restraint in declaring victory, and says the former vice president has a mandate to represent those who voted for him. Aired on 11/06/2020.
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Jason Johnson: If Trump Was Winning He ‘Would Be Doing Donuts On The WH Lawn’ | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Right on. Biden needs to push his agenda forward aggressively, as aggressively as a republican would. I think Joe knows this, after all he saw first hand what the GOP did to Obama when he reached out to them. Steamroll them is exactly right.

    1. @Rings Montgomery Well you not going to get no respect , if you don’t earn it ! That goes both ways ! It’s ok to be nice , but not to show weakness to none of them ! We been push over, railroaded , kick in the teeth for 4 years ! We want someone who is strong and makes a difference ! This simp mess ain’t working no more !

    2. I agree, I think Joe knows this. He’s just trying to avoid Trumpists starting violence in the streets during this emotional time. People always underestimate Joe. They shouldn’t.

    3. @Stella Shepherd Yeah ! You’re right Stella ! They still have quite a while left , but not too long ! He can burn the whole country down between now in then ! We have to be watchful ! I agree !

    4. How’s about he waits until the inauguration for that, eh? Lame duck or not, right now the clown still holds the levers of power, and he’s got an AG that believes in unitary executive power.

    1. @Erica Windear … I know how Trump knows Biden’s cheating…
      Because Trumps been spying on Biden’s campaign.
      The election is rigged and they can’t win… they should all just leave America but damnit!!!… there’s a wall where they can’t get into Mexico.

      No more years!!! No more years!!!

    1. Maybe another McDonalds, Burger King, and other fast food buffet party. Like Trump hosted before for the athletes.

  2. The Senate confirms cabinet appointments. Things go a lot easier if Dems get two Georgia Senators and his nominations are accepted. Otherwise it’s “acting” leadership and all that Trump like process entails. Biden will have to show guts here.

  3. There;s no harm in Biden waiting until all States report the final count. There’s no hurry. He can start vetting staff in the background.

    1. I like that it’s slow… a long hard loss is just what they deserve… I think the system is rigged against Trump and his groupies… they should all just give up and leave America.

    2. You’re kidding, right? They’ve been doing this for months. This ‘ain’t Joe’s first time at the rodeo. He knows exactly what to do and how to do it.

    3. @Shark Theory07 the problem with that is that they have to go SOMEWHERE, and nowhere else wants them. Covid aside, no one wants an influx of idiots.

    4. @Dawn Wood … yeah!… Mexico’s gonna pay for the wall to keep THEM out… No more years!!! No more years!!!

    1. yeah, he is inciting civil unrest and it’s always a double standard with him where it’s all about supposed “law n order” unless it pertains to himself and his voter base.
      Just nuts!!

  4. Yes!! We understand the unifying the nation but exactly YOU & KAMALA HAVE WON, ACT LIKE IT!! LET’S FREAKING CELEBRATE.

  5. Amen!!!! Let’s not forget, the GOP senate just bomb-rushed a supreme court nominee while STILL no stimulus is passed. The time for playing “Mr. Nice Guy” is WAY passed.

  6. Thinking about this: Trump has never lost or been fired from a job. He can’t comprehend this. He’s always been the big boss in his life and now the American people are his big boss and he can’t bully or threaten or sue us into submission. Sorry, Trumpie. You signed up for this. Welcome to the will of the people.


  7. I think he is waiting patiently, because he’s smart! He wants everyone to see the 270 mark!

  8. I absolutely agree with Jason Johnson. Biden has a lot of decades of bi-partisan success but he needs to steamroll over McConnell who has no interest in anything but obstruction.

  9. Trump: Stop counting! I won.
    — ignoring the “voices of people”
    Biden: Keep faith. Be patient.
    —– Trusting, having faith in the people.

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